TMI on social media – keep your info private

We all love sharing our lives online but hold on a sec! Oversharing on social media can be a security risk. Let’s face it, criminals are sneaky, and those seemingly harmless details you post can be like a roadmap to your personal life. Here’s how to keep your social media presence fun and secure:

  • Privacy Power: Social media platforms offer privacy settings – use them to your advantage! Limit who can see your posts, and be mindful of what information you make public. Think of it like drawing a curtain around your digital living room – only invite the guests you trust.
  • The Details Matter: Sure, your birthday and hometown might seem like harmless info. But combined with other details you share, like your vacation pics or your love for a specific coffee shop, they can paint a complete picture of your life – and that can be risky.
  • Location, Location, Location: Disable location services on your social media apps! Sharing your real-time location with everyone isn’t necessary (and can be a security risk). Let your adventures be a surprise, not a public announcement.
  • Think Before You Post: Take a moment to consider what you’re sharing before you hit “post.” Would you tell this information to a stranger on the street? If not, maybe rethink sharing it online either.
  • Keep it Safe: Social media is for fun and connection, but remember, the internet never forgets. Keep super sensitive information, like Social Security numbers or passwords, completely private. These are not for sharing, ever!

By being a little more mindful about what you share online, you can transform your social media from a potential security risk into a safe and enjoyable space.