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Don’t treat LinkedIn the same way you would treat Facebook

LinkedIn is used almost exclusively for professional connections. This means it has a very different purpose than other social media platforms such as Facebook, which are more for casual interactions between friends and family. When communicating on LinkedIn, you should keep your interactions professional and don’t comment on anything you shouldn’t. It is best to […]

Dealing with cyberbullies – don’t add fuel to the fire

Fighting back is only likely to make the bully ramp up the situation. Depending on what’s going on, you might want to try ignoring them instead. A lot of times, the cyberbully just lives for the reaction they get from their target. You can also take subtle steps, like blocking messages on social media or […]

Be wary of bad actors on social media

Social media can be useful for staying connected with friends, family and coworkers — but there are also people with bad intentions. Don’t accept friend requests or private messages (PMs) from people you don’t trust. Report any aggressive or indecent behavior to the platform itself, and if someone threatens your life, contact the police. Block […]

If you’re not sure about a piece of information, corroborate it

Misinformation, often produced by bad actors, targets social media users, where they hope it will spread and make you (and everyone you share that information with) believe something that is potentially untrue. The general rule is to check the source and corroborate it with reputable sources.

Share interesting things you find on the internet

Did you know you can post things on the internet to Twitter, Facebook, email or almost anything else with just a couple of clicks? Before this feature was implemented, you would have to painstakingly copy the URL, paste it to your page, and format the post manually. But many articles and other pages on the […]

Keep a tweet at the top of your feed by pinning it

Maybe there’s something you want all visitors to your feed to know. Perhaps there’s a Tweet you think is especially relevant or clever and you want to highlight it. Or maybe one of your Tweets went viral and you just want to show it off. Whatever the reason, you can “pin” a tweet to the […]