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Avoid linking your social media accounts

Dating apps in particular typically let you link your social media accounts with their service. This has both the advantages and disadvantages of letting strangers know more about you, which can leave you open to identity theft. Avoid linking accounts altogether. This suggestion not comprehensive, but they’re just the start of safe, reliable social media […]

Don’t sign up for new accounts with your social media credentials

Many sites online will let you sign up for their service quickly through your social media account. However, this gives them access to a lot of information present on that service. If at all possible, sign up with your email address. It may take a little longer, but it’s much more secure. There are other […]

Don’t get in a stranger’s vehicle if you’re meeting them for the first time

IIt’s been good advice since you were a child, but it applies when you’re an adult, too: Avoid getting in vehicles with strangers. If you’re meeting someone online for the first time, arrange your own transportation. Online dating – once the ugly cousin of the dating world – is now hitting it off. As with […]

Never respond to requests for money

A common scheme on social media and dating sites is to connect with someone online, trick them into thinking the relationship is legitimate, and then attempt to steal money from the victim. This can come in many forms, but often the cybercriminal will make up a story like they’re stuck in another country and can’t […]

Use unique photos for different sites.

If you’re using one photo for a social media account and another for a dating app, you run the risk of being the victim of a reverse image search, which would allow a stranger to find you on both accounts — or any others the photo exists on. It’s easy to see why you should […]

Don’t meet up with anyone online without getting to know them better first

Online dating may be here to stay, but with it comes the risk of criminals trying to take advantage of you by claiming to be someone they’re not. If you engage in online dating, be sure you have a good idea who they are before meeting up with them, and always meet in a public […]