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Keep security in mind when taking your devices back to school

With the use of COVID-19 vaccines becoming widespread, school districts across the country are gearing up for a return to in-person instruction this fall. After a long stint of remote learning, students and parents alike may have become accustomed to sharing devices like laptops and tablets for both personal and instructional purposes. Here are some […]

Search for yourself online using operators

Doing a quick Google or Bing search of yourself can help you find out which of your personal information is publicly available. You may also be able to find out if any unauthorized people are using your name. By using operators, you can adjust your search to find out this information. Add an @ sign […]

Download a copy of your personal data from Spotify

Spotify only collects relevant personal data, but if you are interested in seeing what they collect, you can request a ZIP file containing what they’ve collected. You can download this file on the Privacy Section of your account page. If you have a more specific request, you can email [email protected]

Remind your kids never to give out personal information

Help kids remember that cybersecurity should always be a priority and not to share info such as name, home address, or telephone number, to anyone they don’t know through email, TikTok, Facebook, or other online forums. Talk with your children about the online risks of interacting with strangers through the computer and sending notes and […]

Disable personal results on your Google Nest device

You might want to limit the amount of personal information readily available in your Google Nest device to protect against hackers or guests in your home whom you don’t know very well yet. If that’s the case, you can disable personal results on your Google Nest device, because it keeps track of private information like […]

Turn on a waiting room when hosting a Zoom meeting

If you allow a stranger into a Zoom meeting, they can potentially see personal information in your background. Even if that’s not a risk, the stranger could still harass you or disrupt an important Zoom meeting. A waiting room requires that people request access to the meeting, and you can decide to let them in […]