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Use gift cards to protect your credit card information

While you can pay for things directly using a credit card or other payment method, these transactions require inputting financial information, whereas gift cards only require single-use codes. As an added bonus, digital gift cards for things like the PlayStation Store or Nintendo eShop commonly go on sale at online retailers for less than their […]

Don’t just get rid of old hard drives – erase them

When you want to scrap an old computer, think about the data that remains in the hardware: your files, media and personal information could be compromised if someone gets the machine up and running again. For businesses, this is much more crucial. Explore free erasure tools to clean your harddrives thoroughly for peace of mind.

Be aware of options for remote device wipe

Losing a device is never fun. Your losing an essential tool while also possibly putting your data at risk, too. Services like Find My iPhone for Apple and Total Defense Mobile Security for Androidprovide some recourse, since they allow you to remotely wipe the device, erasing its contents and settings so that no one else […]

Clear your iPad browsing data regularly

Safari was one of the first browsers to really tackle privacy concerns, and its clearance controls are still very easy to use and return to. Aim to clear your caches, cookies and browsing history every month or so. Bookmark the pages you need for reference without auto filling the URL when you search. Then as […]

Be careful with LinkedIn resumé posts

Publicly posting anything on social media is a security risk if someone knows where to look. As with other personal details, hackers can turn your work history into a vital channel for breaking into your digital accounts or launching a phishing campaign. LinkedIn, for example, may contain all sorts of sensitive information about you. So […]

Ask TikTok to stop tracking you on iOS

Apple’s 14.5 operating system update in 2021 gave you a major new security feature: App-Tracking Transparency. This essentially lets you block the system advertising identifier (IDFA) that feeds your personal user data back to advertisers on the app. Apple has made sure you can opt into this feature while protecting other identifiers like your email […]