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Get in the habit of pressing “Deny” rather than “Accept”

The benefits of accepting permissions or cookies are relatively few for the average consumer. Yes, your ad experience may be more relevant and your mobile experience may be more efficient, but your private information may also be at risk. When you land on a site you don’t often visit — or have no plans of […]

Delete old search results about yourself

Somebody looking up your name on a search engine like Google might find results related to your previous jobs and addresses, along with information about your relatives. This data could be used against you, for example in determining the answers to security questions. Fortunately, Google does offer a remove outdated content tool for requesting takedowns […]

The fewer devices and accounts you have, the more protected you are

The best way to stay protected online is to reduce the surface area for bad actors to attack. For every account, there’s a doorway into your private data. For every device, there may be a dozen different accounts. Risk, as a result, increases exponentially as this process goes on. Rather than spread yourself thin across […]

Be careful how much information you put in your online dating profile

If you use an online dating service, whether it be an app or a website, be wary of how much information you share publicly. Avoid including any personal information that can identify your residential address or place of employment. Likewise, be mindful of which details you include in your profile. Some details may help bad […]

Don’t bank or shop on unsecure public networks

When viewing your online bank balance or making a purchase, it’s best to avoid networks you don’t normally use, especially public Wi-Fi hotspots that might reveal your activity to unwanted cybercriminals. Handle important transactions on your password-protected home network or with the help of a virtual private network (VPN) service.

Disable unused/dormant IoT devices

With so many devices at your disposal, some might go unused for weeks, if not months, at a time. Unused IoT devices, sensors and modulators still pose a threat to your cybersecurity. As long as they remain connected to your network, hackers may still be able to use them in accessing your information. Keep an […]