Overwhelming spam – reclaim your inbox with a secondary email

We’ve all been there: you sign up for a cool new app or online service, excited to explore its features. But then, the dreaded email avalanche starts – a tidal wave of marketing messages and unwanted promotions. Ugh! Here’s a simple trick to keep your inbox zen:

  • The Power of Two Emails: Consider creating a secondary email address specifically for online submissions. Think of it like a separate mailbox for non-essential stuff. This way, your primary email address, the one you use for important messages and close contacts, stays nice and organized.
  • Spam Slayer: Signing up for online services with your secondary email address helps shield your main inbox from the relentless onslaught of spam. No more daily deals for things you’ll never buy clogging up your precious email real estate.
  • Don’t Be a Ghost: While you won’t be checking your secondary email every five minutes, it’s a good idea to log in occasionally. Some companies might send important updates about changes to their policies or services to the email address you used to sign up.
  • Free and Easy: Creating a secondary email address is usually free and super easy – most email providers offer the option to add multiple addresses to your account. It’s a small investment for a much more organized and spam-free inbox.

By using a secondary email for online submissions, you can take control of your inbox and reclaim your email zen. So go forth and explore the web with confidence, knowing your primary inbox is safe from the spam storm!