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Utilize biometric authentication for sensitive apps

Biometric authentication is considered one of the most secure and convenient methods of user authentication for sensitive applications. This technology leverages fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, iris scanning, voice recognition and — in certain cases — behavioral biometrics to facilitate streamlined, secure access.  This approach eliminates the need for memorizing and managing complex passwords, making it […]

Avoid public Wi-Fi networks without passwords

Passwords prevent unauthorized access to wireless networks. If you see a public Wi-Fi network without a password, don’t join it unless you have no other choice and have a VPN to encrypt your connection. Public Wi-Fi networks can be dangerous. Cybercriminals can use them to steal your data or infect your device with malware. If […]

Create a disaster recovery plan

In the instance of your sensitive information becoming breached, a well-structured disaster recovery plan is necessary to mitigate potential damages. While the plan will differ depending on the nature of the breach, you generally want to consider a risk assessment, backup restoration and legal and compliance matters. The specific plan will vary depending on the […]

Employ a secure and unique passphrase for your WiFi network to prevent unauthorized access

There’s a difference between passwords and passphrases: Passwords are typically shorter and combine letters, numbers and symbols, while passphrases are longer phrases or sentences. Opting for a passphrase may be a more secure choice for your WiFi network relative to traditional passwords, offering an additional layer of security.

Educate your family and/or team on the importance of cybersecurity

Oftentimes, cybercriminals gain access through in-house negligence — hence, awareness is key. Teach those who hold sensitive information to recognize suspicious links, the role of strong password measures and regular software updates, among other relevant factors. Notably, a strong defense starts with educated vigilance. Here are some tips for educating your family or team on cybersecurity: […]

Don’t forget to use antivirus software to protect your computer

Cybersecurity threats have evolved, and people often talk about using password managers and cloud backups to stay safe online. But antivirus (AV) software is still important, especially for PCs and Macs. AV software scans for known threats and quarantines them to protect your data and privacy. Here are some tips for using antivirus software effectively: […]