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Overwhelming spam – reclaim your inbox with a secondary email

We’ve all been there: you sign up for a cool new app or online service, excited to explore its features. But then, the dreaded email avalanche starts – a tidal wave of marketing messages and unwanted promotions. Ugh! Here’s a simple trick to keep your inbox zen: By using a secondary email for online submissions, […]

Public computers—don’t leave your digital doors unlocked

Public computers at libraries or cafes can be lifesavers – need to print something, check an email, or browse the web? They’ve got you covered. But here’s the thing: public computers can also be a security risk if you’re not careful. The biggest culprit? Forgetting to log out! Imagine leaving your house without locking the […]

Email isn’t safe for secrets: sending login info securely

Sharing passwords or usernames can be tricky. You want to help someone out, but you also don’t want their login info falling into the wrong hands. Here’s the deal: email isn’t exactly Fort Knox when it comes to security. Those messages could be intercepted by prying eyes. So, how do you share login info securely? […]

Is that email really asking to confirm your identity?

Ever signed up for a new online account and gotten an email asking you to “verify” your identity? It happens all the time. But before you hit “reply” and send over your info, take a quick pause. Some identity confirmation requests are legit, but others are sneaky scams. Here’s how to tell the difference: The […]

App password power – unlocking secure connections

Ever tried connecting your email to a new app, but it keeps asking for a weird “app password”? Don’t worry, it’s not a trick question. App passwords are a special kind of security key that helps keep your accounts safe. Why App Passwords? Imagine your main email password is like your house key – it […]

Your Gmail settings: a quick security check-up

Ever feel like your Gmail might be acting a little…strange? Maybe emails are going missing, or you see unfamiliar addresses in your “Sent” folder. Don’t worry, it could be a simple setting gone rogue! The good news is, Gmail lets you customize tons of stuff, from how you view emails to where you send them […]