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Be cautious of “Confirm Your Account” emails

A number of services require account verification through email or other methods. Regrettably, this process is often misused by fraudsters, as seen in a notorious series of phishing emails pretending to be from Amazon. It is crucial to scrutinize every email you receive. Red flags that may indicate a scam include typographical errors, unusually long […]

Set up a separate or temporary email for website registrations

Registering on a website often requires you to provide an email address. To minimize the volume of emails you receive and to protect yourself from phishing attempts, it’s advisable to use a separate email address that’s not linked with your personal account. For non-essential signups like forums, consider using a temporary or ‘burner’ email address. […]

What does spam refer to?

Spam is an online form of unwanted and unsolicited emails that are sent out without the receiver’s permission or request. It has become increasingly common, and while spam emails may not contain any viruses, they can still be incredibly annoying. Even emails from reputable sources may sometimes be classified as spam, making it even more […]

Have a backup email account in case your primary is compromised

If someone gets a hold of your email credentials, they can potentially do a lot of damage to your privacy. This makes it a good idea to have at least one other email address that you can use as a backup recovery email. All major email services allow you to register a backup email for […]

Be mindful of who you give your email address to as it can lead to spam emails

Whenever someone asks for your email address – whether it’s online, in-person, or even on printed materials – think carefully before revealing it. Email addresses posted online can be seen by anyone, and if a company you’ve given it to saves it in its database, that can potentially be sold or shared, leading to the […]

Delete old files in Drive to free up space for other Google services

Every Google service typically uses a fixed amount of storage shared across all platforms. That means if you have a lot of files on Google Drive, it’s taking up the same space on Google Docs and Gmail. While Gmail will automatically free up space for new emails if your storage is full, it won’t do […]