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Gmail’s broken lock alert: your watchdog against unencrypted emails

Think your emails are safely zipping through the internet? Not always! While Gmail shields your messages with basic encryption, some senders might be using flimsy protection, leaving your messages exposed like postcards in a blizzard. But fear not, vigilant emailer! Gmail has a secret weapon to warn you: the broken lock icon. What’s the broken […]

Drowning in spam – filter and tag your way to inbox sanity

Ever feel like your inbox is a swamp of unwanted emails? Fret not, weary traveler! Powerful tools called filters and spam tagging can be your knights in shining armor, slashing through the spammy jungle and guiding important messages to your eyes. Filters: Blocking the Bad Guys: Tired of that annoying newsletter or shady online store […]

Stay informed about phishing tactics

While phishing attacks remain a prevalent threat, staying informed on the latest attack evolutions can help to safeguard your devices. As general rules: Beyond these practices, consider taking some time to read more extensively on phishing attacks and put into practice safety measures accordingly.

Switch to encrypted messaging apps for secure chats

Text messages, sent via carrier SMS, have been a mainstay of mobile communication. However, they have increasingly been replaced by over-the-top (i.e., internet-based) services like Apple iMessage, WhatsApp, and Telegram. These alternatives not only offer more features but also provide end-to-end encryption, a security measure not supported by SMS or its successor, RCS. Why encrypted […]

Stay safe in your inbox: manage html image downloads

In today’s digital world, email remains a primary communication tool, but it also carries potential security risks. One common practice is for email services to automatically download images embedded in the body of emails. While this can enhance the visual appeal of emails, it also introduces potential security vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals can exploit these embedded images […]

Never lose access to your email lifeline

Imagine not being able to check your email, access important documents, or communicate with friends and family. This could happen if you lose access to your email account. To prevent this scenario, setting up a recovery email address or phone number is essential. Why a recovery email or phone number matters Your email account serves […]