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Be careful what you download

It can be easy to simply allow a download to go ahead on your device, especially if you think the source appears reputable. Be wary of any files that you download and question their authenticity before confirming the download. This is particularly pertinent for email attachments — where the sender may look legit, but could […]

How to spot an online scam

As you spend more time online, engaging in a greater variety of activities and digitizing previously analogue aspects of your life, you entrust your personal information to online processes. This opens up avenues that scammers may attempt to take advantage of. Keeping yourself protected from fraudulent activity is increasingly important, since so much of day-to-day […]

Email spam – don’t follow the links

Certain spam messages use generators that try alternatives of email addresses of domains. If you click a link inside an email message or reply to a particular address, you may have just confirmed that your email address is valid. Unwanted messages that offer an “unsubscribe” option are particularly tempting, but this is frequently just a […]

Spring-clean subscriptions

Over time you will have accumulated a number of email subscriptions to different service providers, stores and accounts. Take some time to review the promotional messages you receive — even the legitimate ones — and ask yourself if you’re still interested in them. If not, unsubscribe from them. The fewer emails you receive, the easier […]

Don’t send sensitive personal data with standard email

There’s no undoing an email (with limited exceptions if you’re in an Microsoft Exchange environment). Plus, email security is not as strong as you might expect, especially if you aren’t using email encryption. For these reasons, never give out your personal identifiable information in an email.

When possible, use cloud sharing instead of email attachments

Email attachments are pervasive, but risky – you never know what they could include. It’s usually more secure to share content with links to cloud services, since you’re not actually downloading anything onto your system.