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Drowning in spam–tame your inbox with email filters

Feeling overwhelmed by spam and unwanted emails? Take back control of your inbox with email filters! Most email providers offer these handy tools to keep your inbox clean and your information safe. How Email Filters Work: Why are Email Filters Important? A few minutes setting up email filters can save you a lot of time […]

Feeling the email spam overload – fight back

Getting bombarded by spam emails? Don’t despair, most email platforms offer a secret weapon: the report spam button. Think of spam as unwanted guests at your digital door. Reporting them is like notifying a security guard, who can help keep them out in the future. Here’s how to fight the spam invasion: Reporting spam helps […]

Drowning in emails–unsubscribe and breathe easy

Feeling overwhelmed by a sea of emails? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Signing up for online services often leads to a never-ending inbox. But fear not, tech hero. You have the power to unsubscribe from unwanted emails and reclaim your inbox. Imagine your inbox as a tidy room – you only want things you like […]

Drowning in spam – filter and tag your way to inbox sanity

Ever feel like your inbox is a swamp of unwanted emails? Fret not, weary traveler! Powerful tools called filters and spam tagging can be your knights in shining armor, slashing through the spammy jungle and guiding important messages to your eyes. Filters: Blocking the Bad Guys: Tired of that annoying newsletter or shady online store […]

What does spam refer to?

Spam is an online form of unwanted and unsolicited emails that are sent out without the receiver’s permission or request. It has become increasingly common, and while spam emails may not contain any viruses, they can still be incredibly annoying. Even emails from reputable sources may sometimes be classified as spam, making it even more […]

Review your spam folder regularly

Modern email spam filters are very powerful and can keep many common threats controlled without them ever hitting your inbox. Still, it’s worthwhile to occasionally take a look at your spam folder to see if the filter is too aggressive and is blocking mail you want to see. Marking items as spam or not spam […]