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Avoid third-party services that offer to find out your credit score

There’s little to no reason to use paid services, as you can access your credit score for free from any of the three main credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion or Experian. While you can only do this periodically, credit scores tend to be consistent enough and they probably won’t change very much before you can check […]

Adjust the privacy settings on your browser

Whether it’s Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or any other major browser, they all contain privacy settings that you can customize to fit your needs. These options control common features of websites, such as site permissions, location data, trackers and advertisements. For example, you can decide whether you’ll only receive trackers from sites you […]

Use biometrics or a PIN

Biometrics includes data such as your fingerprint or face, which can be used to unlock your phone or log into apps. These tend to be much faster than typing in a password, and they’re generally secure. On the other hand, biometrics aren’t 100% secure and a stranger may still be able to unlock your phone. […]

Avoid using a credit card swipe if possible

Modern credit cards often have three mechanisms for in-person purchases – swiping, chip insertion and tapping. From a security perspective, chip insertion and tapping are much more secure and should be used if available. Mobile tap-to-pay solutions like Apple Pay and G Pay are also very secure.

Factory reset your phone before getting rid of it

Whether you’re trading it in, donating it or handing it off for any reason, you’ll want to wipe all the data from your phone before doing so. While the process for this varies by phone, you can easily find out how by searching your settings for something that says “Factory reset” or “Return to factory […]

If you’re entering sensitive information, cover the screen with your hand

You can never be totally sure if someone’s looking at your screen, so it’s a good idea to make this a habit. Another solution is using a privacy screen for your laptop if you often use your laptop in a crowded place, such as airplanes and airports. Privacy screens make it difficult for people to […]