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Set login alerts and approvals for Facebook

Facebook allows you to set up alerts for when a new login attempt occurs on your account. You can choose to receive a text or email notification when your account is accessed from a new device, giving you a real-time warning of potentially suspicious activity. There’s also an option to go one step further and […]

Turn off auto-fill

While auto-fill is a very useful feature for reducing the laboriousness of entering your personal information every time you order or book online, it also opens up your personal information for exploitation if your account is compromised, or if your device is stolen. While it might be a little more tedious to have to input […]

Look out for requests to update your personal information

The majority of organizations – banks, universities, companies, etc. – will not ask for your personal information over email. Do not reveal personally identifiable information online such as your full name, social security number, telephone number, address, insurance policy number, credit card information, or doctor’s name. Don’t open attachments, click on links, or respond to […]

Never block your full name or address in a chat filter when live streaming

Whether you’re a gamer, influencer or you just like going live once in a while, it’s important to take the necessary safety measures to protect your identity. This might include hiding your real name, address and other personally identifiable information. Some live streaming services allow you to block certain words or phrases from appearing in […]

Disable Remote Administration tools on your computer

Remote Administration was created for the purpose of remote IT support, but they represent a massive opportunity for bad actors to spy on your activity. If your device is compromised, they could use Remote Administration to monitor your behavior, find your location, enable your webcam, access files or take complete control over your computer. Close […]

Check to see if your data has been breached

Are you positive your personal information hasn’t already been compromised? That’s a scary question to ponder, but an important one to have answered. Use a website that checks your phone number or email address against a database of known data breaches for free. This might give you peace of mind that your information is still […]