Social media smarts: lock down your privacy settings

Social media is all about sharing, but how much are you REALLY sharing? Let’s be honest, we don’t always want the whole world to see everything. That’s where social media privacy settings come in! They’re like little shields that protect your personal information.

Here’s how to take control of your social media privacy:

  • Privacy Checkup: Most social media platforms have privacy settings – it’s time to explore them! Review who can see your posts, friend requests, and profile information. Adjust these settings to your comfort level. You might be surprised at what’s publicly available by default!
  • Location, Location, Maybe Not: Geotagging adds your location to your posts. While it can be fun to share where you vacationed, it can also be a security risk. Consider disabling geotagging, especially for posts that reveal your home location.

Being mindful of your privacy settings is a simple but powerful way to stay safe on social media. So go forth and share responsibly!