Level up your parenting: manage playtime with the PlayStation app

Juggling work, chores, and family time can be tough. But when it comes to video games, finding the balance between fun and responsibility can feel like a boss battle. Luckily, the PlayStation App is here to equip you with a secret weapon: parental controls.

Imagine the app as your digital parenting toolbox, letting you manage your child’s playtime on their PlayStation console remotely. No more yelling across the house!

Here’s how to become a playtime pro:

  1. Download the free PlayStation App: Available on iOS and Android, it’s your gateway to managing your child’s gaming experience.
  2. Link your accounts: Sign in to the app with your PSN (PlayStation Network) ID and link it to your child’s account.
  3. Explore the “Family Management” section: This is where the magic happens! You can set daily and weekly playtime limits, ensuring your child has time for other activities too.
  4. Schedule play sessions: Want gaming time to coincide with after-school activities or weekends? You can set specific timeframes for your child to access the console.
  5. Bedtime beckons? Enable “Bedtime Schedule” to automatically log your child out when it’s time for lights out.

Bonus tip: Use the app to approve game purchases and downloads, making sure your child only plays age-appropriate games.

Parental controls are about guiding, not restricting. They help you establish healthy gaming habits and ensure your child enjoys a balanced digital life. So, take control of playtime with the PlayStation App, you can empower your child to be a responsible gamer while keeping your worries at bay.