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Parental controls aren’t just for kids

Parental controls are generally used to protect children from certain things on the internet, allowing them to browse freely without the risk of coming across harmful content. But they can be used by adults to protect themselves from potential security risks too. Delve into the specifics of parental control settings — such as blocking gambling […]

Chat with your children about cyberbullying

Let your kids know that they can’t hide behind the words they type and the images they post. Bullying is a lose-lose situation. Cruel messages not only make the recipient feel bad, but also make the sender look bad. Frequently, they can bring ridicule from peers and punishment from authorities.Ask your kids to let you […]

Enable parental controls on game consoles

Parental controls on game consoles prevent children from viewing content that isn’t suitable for them and can also limit their play time. But what isn’t often mentioned is that parental controls can prevent children from accessing your payment information as well as making accidental purchases. Parental controls can be accessed in the settings menu of […]

Use parental controls to limit the content your kids can view

If you are a parent, you might wish to limit your family’s access to certain apps or websites. Most major computing platforms have parental control features allowing you to do so. For example, you can disable specific programs for individual users, oversee a child’s device and/or require your express approval for any purchases.

Personalize your YouTube ads

If your family shares a computer and you want to be able to control the types of ads your children or other family members see, you can personalize your ads in your YouTube settings. Otherwise, YouTube will try to show you targeted ads based on the data they collect about you and your family. To […]

Enable parental controls in the Play Store

Protecting your children online means ensuring that they can’t access potentially harmful apps. From the child’s Android phone or Chrome OS device, navigate to “Parental controls” under “User controls.” Set up a personal identification number (PIN) that your child won’t guess.