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Sharing your computer–keep files safe with user accounts

Letting your child use your computer can be fun, but it’s also important to protect your files. Here’s how separate user accounts can be your digital security blanket: But what if you don’t use separate accounts? Here are some extra security tips: A few minutes setting up separate accounts or adjusting security settings can save […]

Level up your parenting: manage playtime with the PlayStation app

Juggling work, chores, and family time can be tough. But when it comes to video games, finding the balance between fun and responsibility can feel like a boss battle. Luckily, the PlayStation App is here to equip you with a secret weapon: parental controls. Imagine the app as your digital parenting toolbox, letting you manage […]

Engage actively in your child’s online interactions

Consider engaging in joint activities, such as playing games, exploring a mutually interesting topic (like potential family holiday destinations, shared hobbies, or a historical personality), or compiling a family newsletter. This approach not only allows you to monitor your child’s online behavior, but also helps you instill good digital habits in them. Additionally, it fosters […]

Consider Microsoft Family Safety to monitor children’s computer use

Microsoft has introduced the “Microsoft Family Safety” app to help guardians control minors’ digital activity on devices with Windows. It enables adults to set screen time limits, filter out inappropriate content, create activity reports to assess online habits and switch on location sharing to track devices’ whereabouts.

Report social media behavior that goes against the Terms of Service

The internet can bring out the worst in people when they feel they can say whatever they want with impunity. Unfortunately, there’s too much hate speech, harassment and other disruptive behavior on social media — and these platforms need you to report inappropriate behavior that hurts everyone’s experiences. For your sake and others, don’t tolerate […]

Why is cyberbullying such an issue these days?

The anonymity available on the internet can cause bullying to be more severe and harder to trace the source. People are often more hostile when they don’t have to face the consequences of their actions. Sadly, the reach of the internet and email makes it easier for mean behavior to spread more quickly to a […]