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Insta-savvy—take control of your app permissions

We all love connecting our favorite apps to make life easier. Maybe you use a service to print your Instagram pics, or another to share them to other platforms. But here’s the thing: when you connect apps, you give them access to your information. Think of it like lending a friend your keys – it’s […]

Social media savvy: keep your digital life safe

Social media has become a giant hangout for billions of people worldwide. It’s a great way to connect with friends and family, but just like any public place, there can be some shady characters lurking around. Here’s how to stay safe and secure on your favorite social media platforms: Beware of Phishing Scams (They’re Not […]

App attack! Take control of your mobile apps

Our phones are like minicomputers these days, filled with apps for everything from games to banking. But with all that convenience comes a little responsibility – keeping track of those apps and making sure they’re not overstepping their bounds. Here’s the deal: some apps can be sneaky. They might ask for more permissions than they […]

App password power – unlocking secure connections

Ever tried connecting your email to a new app, but it keeps asking for a weird “app password”? Don’t worry, it’s not a trick question. App passwords are a special kind of security key that helps keep your accounts safe. Why App Passwords? Imagine your main email password is like your house key – it […]

Level up your parenting: manage playtime with the PlayStation app

Juggling work, chores, and family time can be tough. But when it comes to video games, finding the balance between fun and responsibility can feel like a boss battle. Luckily, the PlayStation App is here to equip you with a secret weapon: parental controls. Imagine the app as your digital parenting toolbox, letting you manage […]

Regularly review app permissions and security settings

Continuously scrutinize the permissions and security settings of your installed apps. Some apps may update and request new permissions, potentially compromising your privacy. Adjust settings to the most privacy-conscious options and consider uninstalling apps that request unnecessary access to sensitive information. Additionally, be cautious of apps that have a history of security incidents or questionable […]