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Level up your parenting: manage playtime with the PlayStation app

Juggling work, chores, and family time can be tough. But when it comes to video games, finding the balance between fun and responsibility can feel like a boss battle. Luckily, the PlayStation App is here to equip you with a secret weapon: parental controls. Imagine the app as your digital parenting toolbox, letting you manage […]

Launch a private Minecraft server

This iconic game is made for detailed world-building. Running Minecraft on your own server doesn’t just let you or your children set the rules – awesome for new mods, objectives and physics engines – but functions as the closest thing to a controlled environment. With a private server, you make the game invite-only. Use a […]

Use the PlayStation app to remotely manage your kids’ play time

The PlayStation App is compatible with both the PS4 and the PS5. Through the app, you can manage and adjust various settings, including age restrictions and time limits for each user account separately. The time limit settings can be adjusted to set specific lengths of play time as well as determining what times of day […]

Talk to your child about in-game currency

A large majority of modern online video games feature both in-game and premium currency. The difference between the two is that premium currency costs real-world money, and several of them make it possible to purchase this currency with the click of a button. Talk to your child before playing an online game and make sure […]

Revoke microphone access for mobile apps you aren’t using

Have you ever wondered if someone was secretly listening to your conversations? Many mobile apps, including hundreds of popular games, do exactly that, by scanning for ambient audio cues to better target their advertisements. For your own privacy, consider disabling microphone access for such applications unless you’re actively using it in them.