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Setup child computer safety rules

Make sure your child knows the boundaries of what she is allowed to do on the computer and warn about inherent dangers. These boundaries should be appropriate for the child’s age, knowledge, and maturity, but they may include rules about how long she is allowed to be on the computer, what sites she is allowed […]

Talk to your child about in-game currency

A large majority of modern online video games feature both in-game and premium currency. The difference between the two is that premium currency costs real-world money, and several of them make it possible to purchase this currency with the click of a button. Talk to your child before playing an online game and make sure […]

Report harassment and spam while gaming online

Playing games online with friends can be a great time, but not everyone likes to follow the rules. Be sure to report harassment, whether via messages or voice chat, and mark any spam messages as well to mitigate security risks for yourself and the rest of the online community. Developers should take swift action to […]

Enable parental controls on game consoles

Parental controls on game consoles prevent children from viewing content that isn’t suitable for them and can also limit their play time. But what isn’t often mentioned is that parental controls can prevent children from accessing your payment information as well as making accidental purchases. Parental controls can be accessed in the settings menu of […]

Put the family computer in an open area

If your home computer is in a high-traffic area, you will be able to easily oversee your children’s computer activity. Not only does this accessibility discourage a child from doing something they know is not allowed, it also gives you the chance to intercede if you observe a behavior that could have negative effects.

Install YouTube Kids for your children

If your kids have their own tablets or smartphones, or if they use a shared family device, installing YouTube Kids is a good way to ensure they browse safely. YouTube Kids screens content and only allows users to view what’s appropriate for children aged 2-12. The ads on YouTube kids are limited and kid-friendly, and […]