Instagram – public or private – time to choose

Loving life on Instagram, but tired of spammy messages and suspicious comments? It’s time to reclaim your peace of mind with a private account. Think of it as a velvet rope for your digital life, letting in only those you approve.

Why go private? Spam be gone!

Instagram, with its open doors, can attract unwanted guests – spam bots and scammers lurking in the shadows. They use comments and messages to lure you into phishing schemes, trying to steal your data or even your identity. Yikes!

Privacy to the rescue!

Making your account private throws up a velvet rope, filtering out the bad actors. Only users you approve can follow you, significantly reducing your exposure to spam and scams. Think of it as a bouncer for your digital self, keeping out the troublemakers.

But wait, isn’t sharing the point?

Absolutely! Going private doesn’t mean shutting yourself off from the world. You can still share amazing content with:

  • Approved followers: Choose who gets to see your posts, creating a trusted circle of friends and family.
  • Close friends list: Share exclusive stories with a select group for even more privacy.
  • Public posts (strategically): Still want the world to see something special? Make specific posts public, but use it sparingly.

Bonus perks of privacy

  • Less negativity: Control who can comment, reducing potential online drama and negativity.
  • More control: Decide who sees your stories and posts, tailoring your experience to your comfort level.
  • Peace of mind: Relax knowing your online space is protected from unwanted intrusions.


  • Choose wisely: Be selective about who you approve to follow.
  • Stay vigilant: Even private accounts can be targeted, so be cautious of suspicious messages.
  • Enjoy the peace: Embrace the control and security that comes with a private Instagram experience.

So, take control of your Instagram experience. Go private, filter out the noise, and enjoy the platform on your own terms. Remember, your digital wellbeing matters, and privacy is your superpower!