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Put a second hard drive in your old laptop

If you have a laptop with an optical disc drive that you never use, consider swapping it out for an extra hard drive. Many older PCs and Macs can accommodate this switch, which provides some extra protection in case your main HDD fails or is compromised by malware.

Use system restore points as hedges against performance issues

If your computer starts slowing down and doesn’t respond to reboots or other tweaks, it might be time to revert it to a system restore point. System restore functionality is native to both macOS and Windows. If enabled, it allows you to fully reset your operating system to a backup originally created when everything was […]

Back up your important data in the cloud

Making a full backup of your phone or tablet once required connecting it to a local computer. Now there are more convenient cloud-based alternatives, including Apple iCloud and Google Drive, for making secure copies of your apps, logins and other data for easy restoration on any compatible mobile device. Your PC can similarly be backed […]