How to protect your mobile device from malware

Mobile devices have gradually surpassed PCs as the primary computing platforms for many consumers. The gap between the two didn’t even start to narrow until 2010, a few years after the first major smartphone – the original iPhone – hit the market.

This growing reliance on phones and tablets means that malware has increasingly targeted mobile apps and operating systems. To stay safe on your device, it is worth knowing what threats are out there as well as how you can minimize your risk. Let’s look at a few precautions you can take to avoid infection:

Be vigilant when using banking and e-commerce sites or applications

These tools require extra attention since they involve the exchange of sensitive items such as payment card numbers. Always be sure to log out completely each time so that no one can access your account if your device is stolen. Moreover, never access them via public Wi-Fi connections, which are not secure enough to prevent data interception.

Be choosy with any type of anti-virus software

There are many options for mobile and desktop anti-virus software on the market. Unfortunately, many are scams that may harvest data or charge you for nothing in return. Many such fakes popped up in the wake of the WannaCry ransomware, claiming to offer protection from the threat. Be careful and look for trusted AV solutions such as Total Defense Mobile Security.

Don’t download apps from untrusted sources

On some mobile platforms, apps can be downloaded outside of the official channels. This means that they are not screened for security flaws or malware. These unofficial and third-party app stores should be avoided, and all apps – regardless of origin – should have their privacy policies scrutinized to see how they handle data and track usage.

Mobile devices are common targets of malware.
Mobile devices are common targets of malware.

Pay attention to low-hanging security fruit

Device passcodes are highly effective in blocking unauthorized physical access to a mobile device, yet they are underutilized. Other straightforward protection mechanisms include turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location services if you aren’t using them; all of them make it easier for cyber criminals to deliver malware to your device.

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