Sharing password safely: with AirDrop magic

Ever been stuck sharing a password with a friend, fumbling with notes or whispers for fear of prying eyes? Well, say goodbye to sticky situations, Apple users. Your iPhone and Mac hold a secret weapon – the built-in password manager with its AirDrop superpower. Let’s unlock this security charm and send logins safely in seconds.

  1. Craft a Fortress: First things first, head to the “Settings” app on your iPhone or Mac. Tap on “Passwords” and find the account you need to share. Now, unleash the power of the “Generate Strong Password” button. Boom! Complex gibberish ready to shield your accounts.
  2. AirDrop: The Secure Send-off: Don’t let that random string of letters intimidate you. Sharing it is a breeze with AirDrop. Just tap the “Share” button next to the password, then choose your friend’s nearby device in the AirDrop list.
  3. Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Handshake: Wait, magic? Not quite. AirDrop uses a secure handshake between your devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Think of it as a secret tunnel for your password, invisible to anyone else.
  4. Password Pops Up on Their Screen: That’s it! On your friend’s device, the password magically appears, ready to be copied and pasted with ease. No more awkward dictation or risky screenshots.

Mastering the AirDrop password share is just one step towards online security. Keep your passwords strong, unique, and avoid sharing them with anyone you don’t trust. With this secret weapon in your pocket, you can share logins confidently, leaving the worry of prying eyes in the dust.

Bonus cybersecurity tip: Remember, this AirDrop trick only works between Apple devices with iCloud keychain turned on. So, make sure your friend is in the Apple club before you try this spell.