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To ensure the safety of your photos from viruses and malware, adopt a multi-layered backup strategy.

This could involve using online backup services like Google Photos, coupled with storage on local media such as an external hard drive. This way, if one backup fails, you still have another. Regular updates and malware scans on your devices also add an additional layer of security, safeguarding your precious memories.

Don’t neglect external hard drives as useful backup tools

While cloud backups are common, they may not be as secure as you think. Cloud storage can go offline just like any other internet service and leave you unable to access vital files. In the worst-case scenario, your cloud storage provider can experience a data breach. External hard drives can be reliable physical backups for […]

Discover how to secure your hard drive on Windows or MacOS

In the event of your computer being lost or stolen, it’s crucial to ensure that your data is not accessible to unauthorized individuals. The most effective way to achieve this is through full-disk encryption. Both Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS offer built-in utilities for this purpose – BitLocker and FileVault respectively. By enabling these, you […]

If you’re using a password manager, keep your backup credentials safe

Good password managers let you have one master password along with a provided backup code. The backup code exists in case you forget your master password. Keep this information somewhere safe, perhaps on an encrypted external storage drive, so that you can securely access your accounts in the event of a forgotten master password without […]

Top 3 reasons to backup your computer’s data and applications

Many PC and mobile users don’t regularly think about backing up their vital data and applications, as it’s often an automated process that occurs in the background. For instance, Apple’s iCloud can backup the contents of any modern iOS device when it’s connected to a power source, Wi-Fi network, and locked. However, it’s alarming to […]

Back up your camera photos

There are many services that can back up your camera storage to the cloud to preserve your memories even if you lose access to your phone. They often offer paid plans with higher storage caps if you have a large amount of content you want to save. These services also offer additional features such as […]