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Ransomware strikes–back up regularly and fight back

Ransomware is like a digital kidnapper, holding your files hostage until you pay a ransom. The worst part? Paying doesn’t guarantee getting your data back! Here’s how regular backups can be your weapon against ransomware: How Often Should You Back Up? The frequency depends on how important your data is and how often it changes. […]

Download your Facebook memories – just in case

Ever wonder what all your Facebook data looks like in one place? Or what if Facebook, gasp, disappeared? Fear not, social media master You have the power to download your Facebook information and keep a personal copy. Imagine having a digital scrapbook of all your Facebook memories, photos, and posts. Downloading your information lets you […]

Spring cleaning for your tech

Imagine your computer as a house. The fewer things you have lying around, the harder it is for intruders to hide. The same goes for software. Less software means fewer chances for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities. So, let’s declutter your digital space: Remember: Removing unnecessary software is a simple but effective way to strengthen your […]

Digital lifeline: clone your hard drive before it’s too late

Ever worry about losing precious memories and files due to a failing hard drive? It’s a real concern, as these storage warriors eventually wear down, like well-worn sneakers. Traditional hard drives can give up the ghost in just 4-5 years. But fear not, tech adventurer. Hard drive cloning can be your digital shield. Imagine creating […]

How to keep your digital memories safe

Ever imagine losing all your precious photos, documents, and memories stored digitally? That’s why backing up your data is crucial, like having a digital safety net to catch precious memories in case of mishaps. Think of it like storing copies of your favorite photos, documents, and files in a safe place, just like you wouldn’t […]

Cloud backups are a good alternative to hoarding data on a hard drive.

3 reasons you should regularly back up your PC’s data and apps

Still unsure whether you should back up your data? Here are 3 reasons why you should do so.