Stay safe in your inbox: manage html image downloads

In today’s digital world, email remains a primary communication tool, but it also carries potential security risks. One common practice is for email services to automatically download images embedded in the body of emails. While this can enhance the visual appeal of emails, it also introduces potential security vulnerabilities.

Cybercriminals can exploit these embedded images to embed malicious code, which can infect your device with malware or lead to phishing attacks. To minimize these risks, consider disabling automatic image downloads by default and manually downloading images only when necessary.

Why manual image downloads offer better protection
  • Reduced attack surface: by preventing automatic image downloads, you limit the potential for malicious code to enter your system.
  • Greater control: manual downloads allow you to assess the sender and content of an email before deciding whether to download images.
  • Safer email experience: disabling automatic image downloads reduces the risk of unknowingly downloading malicious content.
Implementing manual image downloads

Most email clients provide options to disable automatic image downloads. Once disabled, you can manually download images on a per-email basis by clicking on the image or using the “Download Images” option.

By implementing manual image downloads and following additional security practices, you can significantly reduce your risk of falling victim to email-based cyberattacks. Remember, vigilance is key in protecting your digital safety.