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Feeling the email spam overload – fight back

Getting bombarded by spam emails? Don’t despair, most email platforms offer a secret weapon: the report spam button. Think of spam as unwanted guests at your digital door. Reporting them is like notifying a security guard, who can help keep them out in the future. Here’s how to fight the spam invasion: Reporting spam helps […]

Email attachments and links: proceed with caution

Ever receive an email with an attachment or link that seems too good to be true? It might be. Malicious actors often use emails to spread malware, the digital boogeyman that can infect your device. Just like you wouldn’t open a random package on your doorstep, don’t click on suspicious links or open unknown attachments, […]

Stay safe in your inbox: manage html image downloads

In today’s digital world, email remains a primary communication tool, but it also carries potential security risks. One common practice is for email services to automatically download images embedded in the body of emails. While this can enhance the visual appeal of emails, it also introduces potential security vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals can exploit these embedded images […]

Disable auto downloading of graphics in HTML email

Countless spammers send HTML mail with a linked graphic file that is then used to track who reads the mail message. When your mail client downloads the graphic from their web server, the spammers know you’ve opened the message. Disabling HTML mail completely and viewing messages in plain text can also avoid this issue.

Look out for fake coupons in emails

Lots of phishing scams include the phisher posing as a major retailer and then sending emails claiming to contain coupons that you redeem by clicking them in an email. To stay safe, never click on one of these offers if it seems to good to be true, comes from a long/garbled email address, or is contained in […]

The top signs of a phishing email

Phishing emails lurk in the shadows of your inbox, hoping to snag your data like a hungry angler. But fear not, savvy surfers. Here’s your secret weapon: a phishing radar to sniff out these deceptive messages before they reel you in. First, keep your eyes peeled for typos and grammar blunders. These emails might look […]