Heads up—don’t fall for imposter scams

Ever get a call or email claiming you owe the IRS money, or that your social security number is in danger? You’re not alone! These are imposter scams, a sneaky tactic where someone pretends to be a trusted source to steal your information or money.

Here’s how to spot these imposters before they trick you:

  • They Play the Authority Card: Imposters love to impersonate important figures – government officials, tech support reps, even family members in trouble. They try to create a sense of urgency or fear to pressure you into acting quickly.
  • Phishing for Info: Emails or calls from imposters often ask for personal information like your Social Security number, bank details, or passwords. Remember, legitimate organizations won’t ask for this sensitive information via email or phone.
  • Scare Tactics 101: Imposters love to play on your emotions. They might threaten to suspend your social security number, arrest you for tax evasion, or shut down your utility services. Don’t panic! These are scare tactics to cloud your judgment.

The key to avoiding imposter scams is knowledge! By being aware of the tactics they use, you can protect yourself from falling victim.