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Spot a scammer – conquering online auction fraud

Scoring a deal on your dream item at an online auction is exciting, but watch out! Fraudsters lurk in the shadows, so here’s how to be a web-savvy bidder and avoid getting scammed: But wait, there’s more! Here are some red flags to watch out for: Why is caution on auction sites important? A little […]

“Tech support” calling? Hang up on phishing passwords

Ever get a call from someone claiming to be tech support, urgently needing your password to “fix” a problem? Beware! This is a classic phishing scam aimed at stealing your precious login credentials. Remember, legitimate tech support will never ask for your password over the phone! Here’s the deal: Remember, a little caution can go […]

Beware of counterfeit antivirus software

Numerous security applications lack credibility. Some may even heighten your vulnerability while claiming to be “cleaners” or “protectors” of your digital activities. Choose a reputable vendor, such as Total Defense, and remain cautious of persistent alerts and forceful installation prompts. By doing thorough research and reading reviews from trusted sources, you can avoid falling victim […]

Beware of gift card scams

Some scammers posing as a legitimate company, government agency, senior manager, family member or other trusted source will ask you to purchase gift cards and send them the code in exchange for something. This could be a new job, tax benefits, lotteries or to help a good cause. However, there are no circumstances in which […]

Real police officers don’t communicate by phone, text or chat

A common tactic for bad actors to scam people into giving up valuable personal information is to pose as a police officer when contacting a potential victim. However, just because someone says they’re a law enforcement officer doesn’t mean they are. This goes for all forms of remote communication, including phone calls: If someone claiming […]

Never respond to requests for money

A common scheme on social media and dating sites is to connect with someone online, trick them into thinking the relationship is legitimate, and then attempt to steal money from the victim. This can come in many forms, but often the cybercriminal will make up a story like they’re stuck in another country and can’t […]