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Heads up—don’t fall for imposter scams

Ever get a call or email claiming you owe the IRS money, or that your social security number is in danger? You’re not alone! These are imposter scams, a sneaky tactic where someone pretends to be a trusted source to steal your information or money. Here’s how to spot these imposters before they trick you: […]

Tech trouble? Don’t fall for fake support scams!

Ever have your computer go haywire and scramble to find help? While technical support can be a lifesaver, there’s a dark side: fake support scams! These imposters pretend to offer help but are really after your personal information or money. Here’s how to spot them and avoid getting scammed: The Phony Fixers: Where Fake Support […]

Beware the Text Scam: Spotting Smishing Attacks

Ever get a suspicious text message claiming to be from your bank or about a surprise package delivery? Those could be smishing attempts – text message scams designed to trick you into giving up personal information or clicking on malicious links. Smishing 101: Texting Trouble Smishing is like phishing (those scam emails) but delivered straight […]

Don’t fall for it – spotting sneaky tech support scams

Ever been working on your computer when a scary pop-up message screams about viruses? Or gotten a call from someone claiming to be from a big tech company, saying your computer’s about to explode? These are tech support scams, and they target people just like you. Here’s how to spot them and avoid getting tricked: […]

Spot a scammer – conquering online auction fraud

Scoring a deal on your dream item at an online auction is exciting, but watch out! Fraudsters lurk in the shadows, so here’s how to be a web-savvy bidder and avoid getting scammed: But wait, there’s more! Here are some red flags to watch out for: Why is caution on auction sites important? A little […]

“Tech support” calling? Hang up on phishing passwords

Ever get a call from someone claiming to be tech support, urgently needing your password to “fix” a problem? Beware! This is a classic phishing scam aimed at stealing your precious login credentials. Remember, legitimate tech support will never ask for your password over the phone! Here’s the deal: Remember, a little caution can go […]