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Think before you act on urgent sounding emails

Disregard emails or messages that create a sense of urgency and command you to respond to a crisis, such as a problem with your taxes or bank account. These Imposter Scams transpire when you receive an email or call apparently from a government official, family member, or friend urgently requesting that you wire them money […]

5 tips for avoiding online identity theft

We’ve all heard about identity theft. But does it ever actually happen? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. The Federal Trade Commission received nearly 2.1 million identity theft claims in 2020, roughly twice the amount it received the year prior. The scammers are out there. With a little due diligence, you can keep your identity safe […]

When job hunting, verify recruiters that contact you

If a recruiter messages or emails you, make sure they’re doing so from a legitimate account. If they reached out via email, check their handle to see if it’s from a corporate website. If not, ask them to email you from their company email address. If they refuse or don’t respond, it’s likely a scam. […]

Be on the lookout for phishing calls from numbers with your area code

There have been an increasing number of reported phishing scams via numbers in people’s area codes. Scammers call from numbers that include the first six digits of your own in an effort to get you to answer. As more people answer, the more lucrative it becomes for the scammers, so be sure to ignore numbers […]