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Don’t overshare on social media

Love sharing selfies and life updates on social media? Too much info can be a security risk. Think of it like leaving your house keys on the porch – anyone could grab them. Why the caution? Malicious folks can use those juicy details you post to: So, how to stay safe without being a social […]

Noisy notifications? Take control of your browser buzz

Ever been bombarded with browser notifications while browsing the web? Annoying pop-ups interrupting your scroll session, tempting you with “exclusive deals” or pushing irrelevant news alerts? We’ve all been there, trapped in a digital echo chamber of unwanted buzz. But fear not, you have the power to silence the noise and reclaim your browsing peace. […]

Protect your passwords: never share them over the phone

In today’s digital world, passwords are essential for securing our online accounts. However, it’s crucial to safeguard these valuable keys from unauthorized access. One common scam involves cybercriminals posing as tech support representatives and tricking users into revealing their passwords. Beware of password phishing scams Legitimate tech support representatives will never ask for your password […]

Phishing scams can come from anywhere

While email is perhaps the most common source of phishing attacks, they can come from practically anywhere. Text messages, social media, traditional mail and even phone calls may all follow the common phisher’s playbook by pretending to be a legitimate source asking for information. Remember: If you’re not sure, contact the alleged source directly with […]

Entrepreneurs, beware of malware and phishing scams

There are special brands of malware and phishing for small businesses. Small businesses are a huge target for cybercriminals because of the potential financial gain combined with the often inadequate security of small business networks. Not everyone can hire a dedicated cybersecurity team to protect them. If you’re unfamiliar with terms such as whale phishing, […]

Beware of phishing text messages

Phishing scams aren’t limited to email. It’s a good habit not to respond to any text messages from senders you don’t recognize. If you receive a suspicious text that claims to be from a person you know or a popular company, double-check by making a new text message thread with the person or contacting the […]