Feeling the email spam overload – fight back

Getting bombarded by spam emails? Don’t despair, most email platforms offer a secret weapon: the report spam button.

Think of spam as unwanted guests at your digital door. Reporting them is like notifying a security guard, who can help keep them out in the future.

Here’s how to fight the spam invasion:

  1. Spot the spammers: Phishing attempts, irrelevant ads, and suspicious messages are all prime targets.
  2. Click the “report spam” button: It’s usually located next to the email or within the menu options. This sends a signal to your email provider to identify and block similar messages in the future.
  3. Be a spam detective: Occasionally check your spam folder. Sometimes, legitimate emails can be accidentally flagged.

Reporting spam helps train your email filter to recognize and block future unwanted messages, keeping your inbox clean and secure.

Bonus email tip: Don’t click on links or open attachments in suspicious emails. This can lead to malware infections or phishing scams. So, take control of your inbox by reporting spam and staying vigilant, you can create a more peaceful and secure email experience.