Password recycling – it’s a big no-no

Reusing passwords? It’s tempting, but like sharing your toothbrush, it’s a recipe for trouble. Let’s talk about keeping your accounts safe with unique and strong passwords for each site.

Imagine using the same key for all your doors. Scary, right? Hackers can use one stolen password to unlock all your accounts if you reuse them.

So, how to create unique passwords?

  • Get creative: Use a memorable phrase, turn it into an acronym, and add symbols and numbers. Think “My favorite food is pizza = Mff1pzza” (but don’t use this exact example).
  • Let the tech help: Use a password generator. These tools create strong, random passwords for you, like super-secure keys nobody can guess.

Every account deserves its own unique password. Don’t be lazy, protect yourself

Bonus security tip: Use a password manager to store your unique passwords securely. Think of it as a digital vault, keeping your keys safe and organized.

Strong, unique passwords are your first line of defense online. Don’t skimp on security By following these tips, you can create a safe and secure digital experience.