Out-of-office replies: keep it short, sweet, and secure

Heading out for a well-deserved break? Setting an out-of-office reply is a must. But wait, before you hit send, think security. Don’t turn your vacation into a target.

Imagine your reply as a postcard – friendly, informative, but not revealing too much. Here’s what to keep out:

  • Specific dates: Sharing your exact absence lets everyone know your home is empty. Phishers might lurk.
  • Location details: Bragging about your beach trip? Hold on, that tells everyone you’re not around. Keep it vague
  • Detailed return time: Announcing your exact return puts your home at risk, even for a few extra hours. Be general

So, what should you include?

  • A short acknowledgment of your absence: Let people know you’re away and when you’ll be checking emails again.
  • Offer alternative contact: Direct urgent inquiries to a colleague or provide a limited-access work email (if applicable).
  • Express appreciation: Thank them for their patience and understanding.

Remember: Out-of-office replies are meant to inform, not advertise your absence. Keep it professional, concise, and security-conscious.

Bonus safety tip: Consider different replies for different audiences. You might share more details with colleagues than external contacts. Be smart and adapt.

Enjoy your break. By keeping your out-of-office reply secure, you can relax knowing your home and digital life are safe. Happy travels.