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Wi-Fi woes – choose your connection wisely

We all love free Wi-Fi, but public Wi-Fi networks, like at coffee shops or parks, are convenient, but they can be risky for your data. Why? Because they’re often not very secure, meaning someone could potentially snoop on your online activity. So, how can you stay safe while surfing the web? Here’s the scoop: A […]

Public computers – great for browsing, not banking

Public computers at libraries, schools, or cafes are handy for checking the web or working on projects. But hold on! These machines might not be the best place for sensitive online activities like banking or shopping. Here’s why: What can you do safely on public computers? When it comes to online security, it’s better to […]

Public USB ports–power up safely

Public USB ports are convenient for charging your phone on the go but hold on. These ports can be a sneaky hacker’s playground. Here’s why you should be cautious and keep your devices safe: Need to charge on the move? Here’s a safe alternative: A little caution can go a long way in protecting your […]

Free Wi-Fi: friend or foe–stay safe on public hotspots

Public Wi-Fi sounds great, but hold on – these connections can be like open windows – anyone might be peeking in on your online activity. Here’s how to be a Wi-Fi pro and protect yourself on public networks: Why is Wi-Fi caution important? Public Wi-Fi can be convenient but prioritize security. Limit your activity, use […]

Think before you share: keeping your personal life private online

We’ve all gotten excited and wanted to share something online but hold on a sec! The internet is like a giant digital scrapbook, and once something’s out there, it can be hard to erase. Here’s how to be a smart sharer and keep your personal life, well, personal: Imagine the internet as your neighborhood: You […]

Out-of-office replies: keep it short, sweet, and secure

Heading out for a well-deserved break? Setting an out-of-office reply is a must. But wait, before you hit send, think security. Don’t turn your vacation into a target. Imagine your reply as a postcard – friendly, informative, but not revealing too much. Here’s what to keep out: So, what should you include? Remember: Out-of-office replies […]