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Limit the number of devices you take with you when traveling

When traveling, try to limit how many devices you take with you. The more devices you take with you, the more devices that can be stolen, meaning a greater chance of your information being stolen right along with it. If possible, keep your devices near you at all times or store them in a safe […]

When traveling, store your devices in a carry on bag

Having your devices in a carry on bag while traveling makes them more accessible and you’re less likely to lose them or have them stolen. With check bags, you run the risk of your devices  being broken or the airline losing your bag. Better yet, consider having devices like laptops or phones with you in […]

Wait until you return home to post travel photos

It can be fun to take pictures and videos to create memories of your trip, but be wary of posting them before you return home. Not only are you broadcasting your location, but you’re also letting people on social media know that you’re currently not home, meaning your house is currently unguarded. It’s best to […]

Before you travel backup your important information

It’s a good idea to back up your contacts, photos, videos and other important data with another device or cloud-base backup service before setting off on a trip. Better safe than sorry.

In case your PC is ever lost or stolen when traveling, encrypt your hard drive

Losing your computer while traveling can be as bad as losing your wallet or purse, since it probably contains a lot of extractable personal information, including financial particulars. Disk encryption reduces this risk by making all data on your hard drive inaccessible to anyone without a specific key (password). You can try FileVault2 son macOS […]

Laptop Travel Safety

With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, travel has already ramped up more than an average 300% from 2020 according to the TSA. Whether it’s visiting family or finally taking that vacation that was indefinitely delayed, you’ll want to make sure all of your smart devices are secure while traveling to keep your information safe. After all, getting […]