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Out-of-office replies: keep it short, sweet, and secure

Heading out for a well-deserved break? Setting an out-of-office reply is a must. But wait, before you hit send, think security. Don’t turn your vacation into a target. Imagine your reply as a postcard – friendly, informative, but not revealing too much. Here’s what to keep out: So, what should you include? Remember: Out-of-office replies […]

Macro mayhem: outsmarting hidden threats in Microsoft Office

Ever felt like a productivity ninja with those handy Office macros? While they automate tasks, beware, these shortcuts can harbor hidden dangers! Hackers love using them to sneak malicious code onto your device. Don’t fret, though! Here’s how to outsmart these macro menaces. What are macros? Think of macros as mini programs within your Office […]

Use the newest versions of Microsoft Office and other popular apps

Microsoft Office and productivity software in general are both magnets for cyberattacks, since they’re so common, meaning any successful attempt will have huge ripple effects. If possible, you should use the newest versions of these applications, as they’re much more secure than their predecessors and are patched against many known vulnerabilities.

Be vague in your auto-reply message

It’s common when out of office or on a trip to set up an auto-reply message for any emails you may receive while you’re away. You can set up these messages to say nearly anything, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t give out specifics about where you’ll be or otherwise for safety reasons, as […]

Beware of macros in Microsoft Office documents

Macros are powerful, useful commands in Microsoft Word and Excel. Nevertheless, they can also be used to distribute ransomware. Consider restricting them from within the applications if you regularly receive a lot of documents and spreadsheets and aren’t certain of their safety.

Watch out for phishing emails related to Microsoft Teams

As part of Office 365, Teams is a widely used collaboration tool. Its popularity has made it a common vector for phishing attacks. Look out for strange emails saying you’ve missed a message in Teams and containing embedded links for replying within Teams. If you’re unsure about whether you have important messages to read, open […]