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Employ a diverse range of strong passwords

Maintain distinct passwords for each of your accounts and devices. Avoid using features that enable your device to store these passwords. While this may seem convenient, it poses a risk as it could provide cybercriminals with easy access to your accounts if your device is misplaced or stolen. Regularly updating your passwords can offer additional […]

Turn off information storage on your browser

Many computer users take advantage of the convenience of saving credentials into your browser so you don’t have to enter them repeatedly. This lets you instantly fill out credit card numbers and personal information across all websites. However, all this data is stored in your browser, meaning a criminal can potentially access it. A far […]

If you’re using a password manager, keep your backup credentials safe

Good password managers let you have one master password along with a provided backup code. The backup code exists in case you forget your master password. Keep this information somewhere safe, perhaps on an encrypted external storage drive, so that you can securely access your accounts in the event of a forgotten master password without […]

When changing your passwords, make sure they’re significantly different from your old ones

It’s a good habit to change your passwords occasionally to keep them from being cracked. However, if your new password is similar to your old one, it will be easier to guess than if you use something completely different. Don’t just change a few numbers or letters or add one or two symbols if the […]

Stay on top of data breaches

There are quite a few ways to find out if your password may have been compromised by a data breach. Many browsers and security software can tell you, for example. However you go about it, keep yourself informed of any data breaches. If a site you use has been compromised, it’s possible your credentials have, […]

Understand how “brute force” and “dictionary” password breaches happen

The best way to protect yourself from having your password stolen by bad actors is to understand how they can guess your password — and brute force attacks are one of the most common methods. This is when an automated program attempts to discover your password by entering words often found in a dictionary. If […]