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Don’t give anyone your password

There are no circumstances in which a company will ask for your password via email, text, phone or any other means of communication except for where you normally type it in on the site itself. Similarly, no person who already has access to your account — whether they’re the IT department at your company, a […]

3 things to do when your passwords are compromised

You’ve probably heard about them on the news at some point or another. Something along the lines of, “Data breach at healthcare company! Thousands of users’ personal data possibly compromised!” Maybe you were even a client of that healthcare company, and you weren’t sure if you had been affected. Or perhaps you were just notified […]

Save a paper copy of your passwords

Losing a critical password can be unfortunate, locking you out of a key account like online banking or email. Password managers are great for keeping track of your credentials. As another layer of security, you may think about also writing down passwords and keep them in a secure location. Paper-based backup has the benefit of being […]

Use a password manager for added security and convenience

The best practice when making accounts online is to have different passwords that change frequently for separate accounts. How can you be expected to remember them all? You aren’t if you use a password manager. These apps let you use one master password to access all of your login information in one place. This lets […]

Use fake answers to security prompts

If you regularly post on social media or disseminate details like addresses and names online, a criminal might attempt to break past your security questions because they have enough information to guess the answers. So why not make them up? Come up with the false name of a childhood best friend, your first street, favorite […]

Try including special characters in your password

Some websites and applications allow or even require special characters – like < and ! – in passwords. If you have the option to include them, do so, since their presence makes the password more difficult to guess than if it only contained alphanumerics.