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Do not supply sensitive information in response to unsolicited calls or emails

Chances are, you wouldn’t give someone your Social Security number or address to a stranger who asked for it on the street. Likewise, you shouldn’t hand it over to someone who calls purporting to be a tech support specialist (a common scam) or in an email saying you’ve won a prize and need to fill in […]

Be smart about public Wi-Fi

Be cautious about what you do on public Wi-Fi, and use a VPN if possible. Another option is to look for semi-public networks, i.e. ones with passwords that are provided by staff or on printed receipts, like at restaurants or coffee shops. Up-to-date security software is also a must-have to shield you from any malware […]

Avoid oversharing on the Internet

There is such a thing as too much information. Oversharing is more than simply annoying. When a criminal decides to target someone for an identity theft scheme, they sometimes begin their attack by simply researching the person’s social media accounts. If the intended victim doesn’t have privacy settings set up, or if they do but […]

Power-off smart speakers when you’re not using them

Some smart speakers are set to always listen for certain keywords. That makes them highly responsive, but it can also create privacy concerns. If you’re not using them, or are conducting a sensitive conversation, consider unplugging them or powering them off to stay safe.

Purchase privacy protection if you register a website domain

By default, purchases of new website domains publish your name and mailing address in a publicly searchable database. This can lead to unwanted spam. Fortunately, you can usually pay a small annual fee to keep your registration information private.

Limit the amount of personal information you post on social sites

Do not post information that would make you vulnerable, such as your address or information about your schedule or routine. If your connections post information about you, make sure the combined information is not more than you would be comfortable with strangers knowing. Also be considerate when posting information, including photos, about your connections.