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Conduct regular security audits and vulnerability scanning

Strengthen your cybersecurity posture through regular security audits and vulnerability scanning. Security audits provide a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s security practices, identifying strengths and weaknesses. Concurrently, vulnerability scanning identifies potential weaknesses in your systems, applications and configurations. Promptly addressing identified vulnerabilities is key in preemptively countering potential exploits, minimizing security risk and safeguarding your […]

Manage your startup programs for a faster PC

Having many programs that open automatically when you turn on your desktop or laptop can slow down the startup process. Removing unnecessary ones helps to increase startup speed. In Windows, go to your settings and select “Apps” and then “Startup.” Just hit the toggle to turn off the ones you don’t need. For Mac users, […]

If you build your own PCs, avoid cheap motherboards and CPUs

If you’re going to build a PC, two core components that are the most difficult to replace if they fail are the motherboard and the CPU. CPUs, in particular, with their delicate pins that attach to the motherboard, can break with a single wrong movement during installation. This is rarely covered by the warranty. Investing […]

Don’t buy networking equipment beyond your data plan’s specifications

There’s a sea of high-end routers and network adapters, capable of absurdly fast connection speeds for dozens of devices at once. The signals traverse much farther than your average router and they’re loaded with advanced customization options. None of which makes any difference if your ISP’s data plan can’t take advantage of it. If you […]

Improve your PC’s performance by eliminating bloatware

Numerous PCs include preinstalled software that is likely never used. Bloatware not only takes up precious disk space but also slows down your computer. Standard removal methods, such as sending the icon to the trash/recycle bin, might not always work. Therefore, consider using third-party tools to assist in uninstalling unwanted programs.

Don’t defragment solid state drives

While defragmenting a platter-based hard drive is a necessary part of maintenance, attempting to do the same thing on a solid state drive is asking for trouble. This can lessen the lifespan of the drive and cause errors. Solid state drives don’t use platters, as all the data is in a, well, solid state, so […]