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Check and remove unnecessary software

Cyberattackers can assault your computer by utilizing software vulnerabilities, so the less software programs you have installed, the fewer paths there are for possible attack. Evaluate the software installed on your computer. If you don’t know what a software program does, research the program to determine whether or not the program is necessary. Remove any […]

Defragment or TRIM your PC’s main drive to keep it fast

Sometimes, slow PC performance is attributable to malware. Other times, it’s due to more mundane reasons like a slow hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD). To avoid the latter issue, schedule defragmentation if your PC uses a HDD (the operating system will know this automatically). For SSDs, the equivalent maintenance operation is called […]

Make your PC faster by removing bloatware

Many PCs come preinstalled with a lot of software that you will probably never use. This bloatware does more than just consume valuable disk space – it can also make your computer noticeably slower. Removing it isn’t always possible through conventional measures like dragging the icon to the trash/recycle bin, so you may need to […]

Tons of temporary files can slow down a computer's performance.

5 tell-tale signs your PC needs a tune-up

Here’s what to look for when deciding whether your PC needs a tune-up.

Defragment your PC hard drive for better performance

PCs with spinning hard drives will take longer to start up and access files and applications if they are fragmented. Luckily, you can use either the built-in defragmentation tools in the operating system, or a more comprehensive PC tune-up solution, to organize data into fewer contiguous regions.

Keep a clean machine

Update the security software, operating system, and web browser on all of your Internet-connected devices. Keeping your security software up to date will prevent attackers from taking advantage of known vulnerabilities. Use a tool like our PC Tune-up to keep your PC running like new.