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Sharing your Mac – set up a safe guest account

Sharing your Mac with a friend or family member? Don’t worry, tech hero You can set up a Guest account to keep your personal space separate. Imagine your Mac as a tidy room. A Guest account is like giving someone a temporary pass to use the guest room, not your entire space. Here’s how to […]

Sharing password safely: with AirDrop magic

Ever been stuck sharing a password with a friend, fumbling with notes or whispers for fear of prying eyes? Well, say goodbye to sticky situations, Apple users. Your iPhone and Mac hold a secret weapon – the built-in password manager with its AirDrop superpower. Let’s unlock this security charm and send logins safely in seconds. […]

Be careful with AirDrop sharing on iOS and macOS devices

Apple’s AirDrop is a convenient way to transfer files between iOS (iPhone) and/or macOS (MacBook) devices that are near to one another. It doesn’t even require an internet connection or any cables. However, it can also leave your devices open to spam. Limit sharing permissions to Contacts Only or Receiving Off to remove this risk.

Back up your Mac’s file to iCloud

Once you’re signed into iCloud on a Mac, you can backup your local files to the cloud via an iCloud Drive setting. Just go to System Preferences -> Apple ID and click on the “Options” button next to iCloud Drive and enable the setting for “Desktop and Document Folders.” Doing so will make it so […]

Use a two-way firewall on your Mac

The built-in firewall on your Mac only provides inbound protection, which prevents cyberattacks from threats outside of your network. By installing a two-way firewall, you’ll have outbound protection as well, which keeps malware that’s already in your system from being able to connect to the internet.

Turn off AirDrop when using public Wi-Fi

If you’re using the same network as strangers, set limits for file sharing so that nobody can intercept your messages or send you unwanted files. If you’re on a Mac, go to Finder, click on AirDrop, then find the setting called “allow me to be discovered by” and switch it to “no one.”  You can […]