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Set up login alerts for your Facebook account

Is someone else trying to log in to your Facebook account? If you’re worried about this possibility, be sure to configure login alerts. You can do this on the Facebook main site or app under the Security and Login menu. Turning on alerts will ensure you receive an email or Facebook notification on a recognized […]

Change your password within the Facebook iOS app

It’s prudent to regularly change your Facebook password, in light of how commonly targeted social media accounts are by cyberattackers, not to mention Facebook’s long history of not disclosing the full severity of data breaches upfront. In the iPhone/iPad app, you can easily change it by tapping the three-line icon in the bottom right corner […]

Don’t geotag your Instagram or Facebook posts

Adding a geotag to a social media update is a nice way to enrich the post, but it comes with some risk. Someone viewing your feed might assume – correctly – that you aren’t home and try to break in. Moreover, sharing your location can expose you to certain types of targeted advertising. Err on […]

Avoid adding your phone number to your Facebook profile

It’s possible to log in to Facebook with your phone number and to send SMS messages via Facebook Messenger. However, there’s some risk involved, as your number might be sold to marketers or be used by strangers to look up your profile without even knowing your name. Stick with your email address if possible.

Change your Facebook password every couple of months or sooner

Creating a strong password for all of your online accounts is a necessary but not sufficient measure for protecting your information. Even major services like Facebook suffer security incidents in which login credentials are stored in plain text, meaning anyone could potentially retrieve them. Set a reminder to change your password periodically and do it […]

Explore alternatives to Facebook’s main mobile apps

Facebook and Messenger are two of the most common mobile apps, but they both ask for extensive permissions and consume a lot of battery. One alternative is to use the Facebook mobile website, which is less resource-intensive and minimalist. You can also find third-party messaging clients like Friendly that handle all of Messenger’s functionality in […]