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Unlink unfamiliar devices from your Facebook account

Maintaining Facebook security can be challenging due to the complex nature of the company’s applications. It’s likely that you’ve logged into Facebook from various devices and apps, hence the necessity to frequently check these connections. Navigate to the Security tab on Facebook’s Settings page to view your active sessions and the associated browsers and apps. […]

Enable login notifications for your Facebook account

Are you concerned that someone might be attempting to access your Facebook account? To alleviate this worry, it’s recommended to set up login alerts. This can be accomplished either on Facebook’s primary website or within its app, specifically under the ‘Security and Login’ section. By enabling these alerts, you’ll receive either an email or a […]

Don’t sign up for new accounts with your social media credentials

Many sites online will let you sign up for their service quickly through your social media account. However, this gives them access to a lot of information present on that service. If at all possible, sign up with your email address. It may take a little longer, but it’s much more secure. There are other […]

How to stay private on three social media platforms

Friends and threats are usually easy to distinguish. The problem with social media is that anyone might be one or the other, all while knowing where you are, what you’re doing and how your life online has been playing out. We shouldn’t ignore this. On top of our problems with bots and scam artists, Tech […]

Use Facebook Messenger settings to protect your details

Facebook Messenger is a massively popular instant messenger platform, used by millions of people and with loads of great extra features. It’s also used by some for more nefarious purposes, though, so keeping your information safe is important. There are a handful of adjustments you can make to your privacy settings to protect yourself while […]

Enable two-factor authentication on Facebook

If one of your passwords has been compromised, a hacker can easily break into your social media accounts and find much more personal information. They might even imitate you to scam friends or family. It’s worth adding two-factor authentication to your account – verifying a log-in attempt with a code sent to your mobile phone. […]