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Be picky about who you connect with online

Social media is all about connecting with people but hold on a sec. While building a big follower list might seem cool, it’s important to be choosy about who you let into your online world. Not everyone with a funny meme or a seemingly perfect profile pic is who they say they are. So, how […]

Download your Facebook memories – just in case

Ever wonder what all your Facebook data looks like in one place? Or what if Facebook, gasp, disappeared? Fear not, social media master You have the power to download your Facebook information and keep a personal copy. Imagine having a digital scrapbook of all your Facebook memories, photos, and posts. Downloading your information lets you […]

Facebook flooding your inbox – take back control

Feeling overwhelmed by a tsunami of Facebook emails? You’re not alone. Facebook loves to keep you informed… maybe a little too much. But fear not, social media master. You have the power to turn off or reduce these emails and reclaim your inbox zen. Imagine your inbox as a calm beach – peaceful and serene. […]

Social media savvy: tweak those privacy settings

Scrolling through endless feeds on Facebook and Twitter? Those platforms hide secret tools to boost your privacy. Don’t settle for default settings – unlock the power of customization. Imagine your profile as a castle. Default settings leave the gates wide open. But with a few clicks, you can: You control your social media experience. Don’t […]

Facebook phantom logins: ghost busting for your account

Ever feel like an unseen presence is lurking on your Facebook, like a digital presence scrolling through your memories? Well, it might not be ghosts, but lingering logins. Remember that work computer you used last week? Or the friend’s phone you borrowed for Instagram? Those forgotten logins can be open doors for unwanted visitors to […]

Unlink unfamiliar devices from your Facebook account

Maintaining Facebook security can be challenging due to the complex nature of the company’s applications. It’s likely that you’ve logged into Facebook from various devices and apps, hence the necessity to frequently check these connections. Navigate to the Security tab on Facebook’s Settings page to view your active sessions and the associated browsers and apps. […]