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Recognize common email scams

The “Nigerian prince” scheme is one of the best-known email scams, but it’s hardly the only one. Others to look out for include messages purporting to be from government agencies (which pretty much never communicate with individuals this way) and communications from ISPS and software vendors, if they claim to include software patches/updates that would […]

Watch out for scams related to parcel delivery

If you’re expecting a delivery via mail or private courier (e.g., FedEx, UPS, etc.), you probably track the package online or via text message to see if it’s on time. Check for unexpected emails or SMS updates, especially if they ask you to make additional arrangements by supplying personally identifiable information – they’re probably scams.

A new ransomware is spreading rapidly!

Have you got a “Fax e-mail” lately? Be very careful, this could be a dangerous heretic virus! A new ransom malware (Ransomware) called ‘CTB-Locker’ is now spreading all around the world through e-mails disguised as a “Fax e-mail” message. The malware is stored in a Zip file attached to the e-mail. Once opened, the ransomware […]

Nigerian Scam: The next generation

“I am a single American soldier, would you send me money?” – this is how a mother and daughter convinced hundreds of victims to send them money as part of a huge ‘Nigerian Scam’ style fraud. The Nigerian Scam is one of the more common types of financial frauds. This scam is usually carried out […]