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Set up multiple Google Accounts on Chrome

It’s not uncommon these days for one user to have multiple Google Accounts in use on one device. If that’s the case for you, it can be pretty tedious to sign in and out all the time to access your email, calendar and other features. Instead, in Chrome, click on your user icon and select […]

Enable VPNs in Opera

Virtual private networks (VPN) offer an added layer of security, especially if you have to use the public wireless network to access the internet. The Opera browser comes with a built-in VPN. To turn it on, open Settings and navigate to Privacy, then VPN. Then, to turn your VPN on or off, click the icon […]

Disable your browser’s AutoFill option

The AutoFill setting helps you log into online accounts faster by automatically entering your credentials like email/username and password. If someone gets ahold of your mobile device, this setting will allow them to have easy access to your email, bank account, social pages, etc. Increase your browser security by turning off this setting and manually […]

Consider turning off cookies in your browser

Cookies are tiny files that help websites keep you logged in and show you curated content such as ads. While they do make browsing the internet easier, they can also pose a cybersecurity risk, since they contain your private data and can be intercepted by hackers. If you want more security going from website to […]

Uninstall Java whenever possible

Most people use the Java runtime to engage with applications on their browser. However, many are unaware of the vulnerabilities in the Java platform. By visiting an infected website with a Java-enabled browser, your system can easily become compromised, even with advanced antivirus solutions in place. For this reason, you should only have Java installed […]

Don’t trust a URL just because it ends with .gov

Obtaining a .gov domain is easier than you think. By successfully impersonating elected officials (like the mayor of a small town), and filling out an application, hackers can illegally purchase .gov domains with little proof of authority. Keep this in mind the next time you’re entering private information into a .gov website.