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Notification overload? Take back control of your browser!

Ever feel bombarded by website pop-ups asking to send you notifications? Those little alerts can be handy sometimes, but they can also quickly turn into an overwhelming notification avalanche. The good news is, you’re in control! Here’s how to shut them down and reclaim your browsing peace: The Notification Hustle: Opt-Out for Sanity Many websites […]

Don’t get clickbaited–stay safe with smart link checking

Ever come across a link that seems too good to be true? Clicking suspicious links online can lead you to dangerous websites filled with malware or scams. Here’s how to be a web-savvy surfer and avoid these hidden traps: Why is link caution important? A few seconds spent checking a link can save you a […]

Level up your web browser security

Freshly installed web browser? Don’t hit the web just yet Taking a few minutes to secure your browser is like putting on armor before venturing into the digital world. Imagine your browser as your shield for exploring the internet. By making some adjustments, you can transform it into a powerful defense tool. Here’s how to […]

Lose the sticky notes: embrace your browser’s password genie

Tired of juggling sticky notes with scribbled passwords? Struggling to remember the right string of characters for every website you visit? Fear not, fellow internet adventurer, for your browser holds a secret weapon: the built-in password manager! Yes, those handy Safari, Chrome, and Firefox features you might have ignored are password-remembering powerhouses. When you create […]

Taming notifications: why you should block most browser alerts

Ever been happily browsing when a blaring notification explodes on your screen, shattering your digital zen? Welcome to the age of browser notifications, where websites vie for your attention with pop-up alerts that range from annoying to outright risky. But fear not, you’re not at the mercy of this digital bombardment. In fact, you hold […]

Pay attention to your browser’s URL bar for security clues

The URL (address) bar at the top of your web browser is a valuable resource for understanding the security of the website you’re visiting. It provides crucial information about the website’s connection status and potential risks. Identifying secure connections Look for the text “https://” at the beginning of the URL. This indicates that the website […]