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Adjust the privacy settings on your browser

Whether it’s Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or any other major browser, they all contain privacy settings that you can customize to fit your needs. These options control common features of websites, such as site permissions, location data, trackers and advertisements. For example, you can decide whether you’ll only receive trackers from sites you […]

Be careful typing domain names in browsers

Domain URL typos aren’t always harmless – the slightly misspelled website might actually be a registered domain that could put your device in trouble. The risk has grown as the number of top-level domains has increased; instead of just .com or .org, now there’s also .xyz, .capital and many more. Double-check any URL you type […]

Use bookmarks so you always know where a link leads

If you’re always using a search engine or typing in a URL manually, you run the risk of clicking a bad link or mistyping the URL, which can potentially lead you to a malicious site that attempts to copy the look of the page you were intending to go to. To protect yourself, use bookmarks, […]

Use your security software’s browser for financial transactions

For want maximum protection from cyber threats while performing online transactions, utilize your antivirus’ safe browsing feature. Many security programs have this option, which creates a secure environment in which your data is completely safe. This option creates a sandbox environment in which keyloggers and malware have no access to any information that’s inputted into […]

If you’re doing anything sensitive, utilize private browsing

Private browsing is a feature you can turn on in most browsers to disable the collection of cookies and internet history links as well as prevent the storing of any information. While your ISP will still be able to see your data, this can be useful if you wish to hide your online activity from […]

Stop using Internet Explorer

As of June 2022, Microsoft has discontinued support for Internet Explorer and is no longer receiving security updates. This makes it dangerous to continue to use it. The application has since been replaced by Edge, the company’s newest browser. If you wish to continue using a Microsoft browser and are still hanging on to Internet […]