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Decline cookies

Most websites now present a pop-up or banner about cookie preferences and allowances when you land on them. These can sometimes prevent you accessing the site until you complete the permissions section. Many use strategic methods of button highlighting and placement to lure you into accepting all cookies before you realize what you’re agreeing to. […]

Use browser extensions to secure a safe connection

A great way to stay safe while you browse the internet is to reinforce your web browser with a security add-on. Browser extensions like HTTPS Everywhere allow you to create a secure connection with websites where they may not otherwise be one. In essence, the add-on scans to see if the unprotected site offers a […]

Use your browser’s private mode for a little additional privacy

Most web browsers feature private browsing mode. While not the most protected way of browsing, this quick solution does prevent other users on your device from accessing certain information. Any searches performed or cookies obtained during private sessions are deleted once the browser is closed. For safer browsing overall, try a Virtual Private Network or […]

Avoid saving your payment information to a website or browser

Saving your payment information can be a great convenience. But data breaches, unfortunately, happen far too frequently. You never know when your information will be part of the next batch of accounts compromised. Take the extra measure and manually input your payment information when you make a purchase online, but don’t elect to save them.

Regularly clear your web cache, cookies and history

Gathering these three items permits web browsers to speed up your experience by loading already saved resources instead of making new copies. Nevertheless, their buildup can create security risks and performance issues. An incident involving Yahoo’s use of cookies exposed many accounts to hijacking. Storage of cookies also requires disk space and CPU resources. It’s […]

On shared computers employ private browsing

All major web browsers provide options for private or incognito browsing. In this mode, a browser does not retain your visited sites, account logins and HTTP cookies (i.e.,the digital files allowing websites to track you). Accordingly, you gain extra protection from others trying to use your saved credentials or look at your history, especially on […]