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Keep your internet routers up-to-date

If you use your own router, it’s important to ensure it’s a recent model and has the latest firmware. By looking up the model number, you can determine if it is compatible with specific security protocols and also find its default IP address. By entering the latter in your browser, you can check its firmware […]

Alter your browser preferences to limit pop-up windows

Many times, pop-up windows are spawned by a kind of scripting or active content. You can adjust the settings within your browser to reduce or prevent. Some browsers offer a specific option to block or limit pop-up windows. Certain types of cookies are occasionally considered spyware because they reveal what web pages you have visited. […]

Pay attention to top-level domains on websites

You might not think much about top-level domains (TLDs), which include .com, .org and .net. Many new TLDs were introduced in the last few years, and a lot of them are associated with risky activities like spam distribution. Be wary of .country, .stream and .download in particular, since they are almost exclusively shady.

5 things you might not have known about web browser security

The web browser was the internet’s first breakthrough app. Although internet connectivity had existed in limited form since late 1960s…

Set your web browsers security settings to the highest level

Your web browser is your primary connection to the rest of the Internet, and multiple applications may rely on your browser, or elements within your browser, to function. Many web applications try to enhance your browsing experience by enabling different types of functionality, but this functionality might be unnecessary and may leave you susceptible to […]

Pay attention to browser warnings

Sometimes a search engine will return highly ranked results that nevertheless aren’t safe to visit. Maybe these pages have expired certificates or unusual redirects that haven’t gotten them flagged for removal yet. Your browser will usually warn you that they could be malware-laced traps. Heed these warnings and close the tab.