Prevent Cyberbullying – limit your personal information

Restricting the number of people who have access to contact information or details about interests, habits, or employment lessens exposure to bullies that you or your child do not know. This may limit the risk of becoming a target and may make it easier to identify the bully if you or your children are harassed.

We can also begin to take steps to improve our own behavior and experiences online by:

  • Reporting and flagging mean behavior online and not engaging with (“liking”) this type of content online.
  • Limiting how much we share online.
  • Knowing when we are becoming too interwoven with social media and taking a break and time to enjoy face-to-face relationships that can reignite our empathy for others online.

Although antivirus software cannot prevent cyberbullying, Total Defense offers parental controls that can help your family protect against online bullying. Check out our Security blog or contact us to speak with our support team.