Email isn’t safe for secrets: sending login info securely

Sharing passwords or usernames can be tricky. You want to help someone out, but you also don’t want their login info falling into the wrong hands. Here’s the deal: email isn’t exactly Fort Knox when it comes to security. Those messages could be intercepted by prying eyes.

So, how do you share login info securely? Here are a few better options:

  • Encrypted Messaging Apps: Think of these like secret tunnels for your messages. Apps like Telegram or iMessage offer encryption, which scrambles your message so only the recipient can read it.
  • Local Transfers: If you’re physically close to the person you need to share info with, consider using local transfer options. For example, Apple AirDrop lets you share files securely between Apple devices.

The key is to avoid sending sensitive information through unencrypted channels like email. By using these secure alternatives, you can share login info with peace of mind.