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- Joe Z.
I have been using these products for at least the past 10 years and I have never had a virus on my computer. The anti-virus program does not slow down the system at all. Awesome product and highly recommended.
- JJ S.
I have used Total Defense for 10 years and it has worked great. A friend said "why do you pay for anti virus, I get it free" a week later she came back and had a virus. That's why. I have referred it to friends and family and I don't usually do that.
- Kayla S.
If you want a nice defense on your brand new computer, then pick this up it's great for the price.
- Stephanie G.
Great Product Easy to install!
- Shoko O.
Very good IMO Does what it's supposed to. Easy to use and install to your computer. Easily customize your scans and dates.
- Dom E.
Great Product Very easy to set up and use didn't slow my laptop down like Norton did
- Jeffrey R.
I really like this antivirus program. It simply does its job. It doesn't slow down my computer at all and it was very easy to install. I used to have McAfee and it slowed down my computer a ton. You can scan files for viruses and it will find viruses even if you don't scan the computer for viruses. So far, I have not gotten any infections on my computer. I recommend this product for anyone looking for a great, simple to use, antivirus program.
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