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Product Reviews
- Sheri L.
Support is excellent.
- Jeff S.
Needed help from a tech only took a few seconds to solve my problem. Great Service thanks!
- Angel C.
Great Computer Defense I am loving this product. It protects up to five of my devices in my home. We have never had any virus or malware problems since using this product. I am very please to say I am using for my second year and will continue to use and will also suggest to friends and family.
- Corina B.
Total Defense is amazing. I use several of their products and have for years. They have stopped computer issues prior to problems and have been better than their competitors. The best defense on my computers I have used to date, period! I highly recommend their products!
- Char N.
There have not been any incidents since installing this product on my computer. Protects as promised, and I highly recommend Total Defense over the other leading software that is available. I plan on renewing!
- Brian M.
Great antivirus product. My experience with the Total Defense Antivirus Software has been exceptional on both my kids\' windows laptops. I decided to purchase it and I could not be more pleased with the performance. It does not appear to slow down the laptops speed as other big box antivirus names has in the past. The best feature is the parental controls in my opinion. I can set restrictions on my children\'s laptops and allow certain websites domains like Minecraft for my son. I get automatic email alerts if they try to access social media sites or other non appropriate content based on the age settings or content selection checkbox options. Summary reports also get emailed to me weekly and the automatic antivirus updates are transparent. I would highly recommend Total Defense to my friends and family!!
- Melissa H.
I have had Total Defense Internet Security for several years and I would recommend it to everyone. It is an easy to use security program and we really like it.
- Vaibhava J.
When you install Total Defense Premium on your laptop, there's no need for other standalone security/anti virus products. Total Defense Premium is a true all-in-one security product that protects your important files with online back-up and guards against viruses, data leaks, phishing, identity lost, and a host of other threats on your PC and smart phone.
- April R.
The scans run right on time and it runs a scan every time you install a new app on my phone also. I have it connected to my phone also. I do like that if there is any trouble they are right there to help you when you call them. I have told people they need to get Total Defense Internet Security.
- Rosemary J.
TD is such an awesome company! I have been a customer for almost 5 years. Tech Support is to die for! They are friendly, courteous and patient with your problem, no matter how long it takes, they will resolve it. I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about Total Defense. It is the best decision I have ever made for the protection of my computers. I couldn\'t be happier. Thank You Total Defense!
- Bryant S.
Never a problem. Very easy to load and use. If tech help is needed they are only a phone call away. Very happy with Total Defense.
- John T.
When I bought my Windows 10 PC I got Total Defense Internet Security. I am glad I did. It does a wonderful job of protecting my PC without slowing it down. I will definitely be a continuous customer.
- Shariba K.
I been with Total Defense since they were CA back in 2008. Best investment I made. I haven't had any issues. Customer Service is very helpful and friendly. All my devices have Total Defense on it. Keep up the good work and thank you.
- Mike P.
The greatest of them all... period! I never caught a virus in the 7 years I have been using Total Defense. Their PC Tools can fix up 95% of issues plaguing your computer, Bravo.
- Marie T.
I have had Total Defense as my security suite for several years. They have a great product and their customer service department just helped me successfully resolve some issues I had. I would highly recommend this product and company!
- Amaury T.
This is good product protection
- James P.
I've had the Total Defense Premium Internet Security program for three years and have found it to be a superior product. Total Defense offers a quality instrument at an affordable price. They do so in a very efficient manner in providing an effective protection program. I would recommend this product to anyone considering it.
- Gordon S.
After trying several different company's protection packages in the past, many had issues that were not easy to resolve easily and quickly, I switched to Total Defense 8 years ago. Since switching to Total Defense I have been totally satisfied with all they offer in the package I purchased. Customer service was outstanding and the very few issues I did have were resolved quickly and efficiently. I have never encountered any issues with my computer's security since coming aboard with Total Defense.
- Kathleen B.
I would recommend Total Defense to protect your computer. I have been a subscriber for 5+ years. It has fully protected my computers, no viruses and their customer service dept. is easy to reach by phone or email and they respond quickly.
- Laurence J.
I have used this program for quite a few years now, it has proven to be worth the money as my system has remained problem free for the duration. The updated program software runs in the background and I like the monthly report that gives me the info for the previous month. The updates come random and are no problem, a little bare on the right hand side tells me the status and goes away quickly when completed. Renewal is flawless as long as you keep the same card number, if it changes you get an email to advise for an update. Installation is simple initially or when you upgrade your hardware, just remember to write down the activation code to save future issues. Would I recommend this program, yes, big time. It has kept my desktop running problem free for stupid stuff and I have piece of mind that if I click on a web site I am being protected against stupid stuff from where ever. Oh, and the program was not forced upon me like others are, it was recommended by a family member as being the best on the market.
- Steve B.
Most excellent virus protection.
- Annette R.
I found the product has great backup support. During a brief power surge, I was able to keep my work. With the other product I had, I lost most of my work. Keep up the good work!!!!
- Nakul D.
Good product at a good price What's good is it covers tablets, PCs, phones. Also has online backups and mobile security features too, so plenty of value for money. Works well and gets the job done! This download version is even better because you can just download it after buying instead of waiting for a delivery to arrive.
- Paul J.
The product runs with much less overhead compared to other antivirus programs. This product protects my computers in a very behind-the-scenes manner. When some malicious software attempts to intrude, a warning is immediate.
- David E.
Program is easy to navigate and allows for security for multiple devices. Price is competitive and it doesn't bother me with constant messages on products. Offers good technical support. Dashboard is easy to read.
- Neelima J.
Good Product for Internet Protection. Easy to install and has got most decent protection feature set embedded into the product.
- Igor K.
Solid Software Protects my computer very well without any resource hogging.
- Isadora L.
A great Internet security suite for PC users Great parental controls, well-integrated 10 GB online backup "set it and forget it," good antivirus performance, low cost, can use on 5 devices.
- Richard T.
Great all-in-one-security app! Total Defense is an advanced all-in-one Internet security suite. It provides you 360 degree protection, including antivirus, firewall, anti-spam and privacy controls, etc. These technologies work together to make your visits to various social sites much safer. Total Defense has been independently tested by many labs and showed not only good performance but also excellent usability. Total Defense is an ideal Internet security suite for personal and family use. Unlike other security suites, it doesn't slow your computer while protecting against unknown and known malware. In short, it is an excellent one-stop package to cope with all potential risks from the Internet.
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