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- James P.
I've had the Total Defense Premium Internet Security program for three years and have found it to be a superior product. Total Defense offers a quality instrument at an affordable price. They do so in a very efficient manner in providing an effective protection program. I would recommend this product to anyone considering it.
- JJ S.
I have used Total Defense for 10 years and it has worked great. A friend said "why do you pay for anti virus, I get it free" a week later she came back and had a virus. That's why. I have referred it to friends and family and I don't usually do that.
- Stepheni H.
I put this product on different computers and tablets for several years. It's easy to use and understand. Updates consistently to keep up with any new virus and malware. Customer support is always helpful.
- Gordon S.
After trying several different company's protection packages in the past, many had issues that were not easy to resolve easily and quickly, I switched to Total Defense 8 years ago. Since switching to Total Defense I have been totally satisfied with all they offer in the package I purchased. Customer service was outstanding and the very few issues I did have were resolved quickly and efficiently. I have never encountered any issues with my computer's security since coming aboard with Total Defense.
- Kathleen B.
I would recommend Total Defense to protect your computer. I have been a subscriber for 5+ years. It has fully protected my computers, no viruses and their customer service dept. is easy to reach by phone or email and they respond quickly.
- Leslie K.
I love the feeling of trust I have, knowing that my PC, laptop, tablet, and phone are all "totally defended" from the potential harm that is out there in the cyber world. It is an extremely user-friendly product, and customer support is beyond wonderful. It is easy to communicate straightaway with help when needed, although I must say the product is so good that I've rarely had to seek any assistance!
- Laurence J.
I have used this program for quite a few years now, it has proven to be worth the money as my system has remained problem free for the duration. The updated program software runs in the background and I like the monthly report that gives me the info for the previous month. The updates come random and are no problem, a little bare on the right hand side tells me the status and goes away quickly when completed. Renewal is flawless as long as you keep the same card number, if it changes you get an email to advise for an update. Installation is simple initially or when you upgrade your hardware, just remember to write down the activation code to save future issues. Would I recommend this program, yes, big time. It has kept my desktop running problem free for stupid stuff and I have piece of mind that if I click on a web site I am being protected against stupid stuff from where ever. Oh, and the program was not forced upon me like others are, it was recommended by a family member as being the best on the market.
- Hutch H.
I have been using PC Tuneup for several years. It not only cleans up the computer, but it checks for updates on programs as well. Fabulous software! I use it on all my computers. Easy to run. I totally trust it!
- Bernard L.
I like the virus scan, it is fast. The clean up feature I like. The product is excellent. The features are easy to use.
- Steve B.
Most excellent virus protection.
- Annette R.
I found the product has great backup support. During a brief power surge, I was able to keep my work. With the other product I had, I lost most of my work. Keep up the good work!!!!
- Anna P.
Your Unlimited product was very easy to install and has been working great on my laptop and android tablet.
- Jerry C.
Lightweight and easy! This works great. It was easy to set up and activate. The best part is my computer hasn't slowed down a bit. Other Internet security products I've had in the past would slow down my computer, but mine's running just the same as ever.
- Hui-Hua C.
Solid Software Installation was easy. I have been used it for 4+ months and found no issues at all. The product did everything for my computer and is taken very little CPU time. I had used Norton Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection before and both products consumed fair amount of CPU. I am very happy with this product.
- Jesse P.
Great Security Suite Includes online backup. Includes mobile security. Unlimited devices, so don't have to worry about seats
- Jorge V.
Total Defense is very easy-to-use. It protects all my devices, including my desktop, laptop and tablet. Protects from basically all online threats like viruses, ransomware, malware & spyware. Can rescue lost files, and repair data corruption. Excellent all-in-one antivirus software.
- Nakul D.
Good product at a good price What's good is it covers tablets, PCs, phones. Also has online backups and mobile security features too, so plenty of value for money. Works well and gets the job done! This download version is even better because you can just download it after buying instead of waiting for a delivery to arrive.
- Paul J.
The product runs with much less overhead compared to other antivirus programs. This product protects my computers in a very behind-the-scenes manner. When some malicious software attempts to intrude, a warning is immediate.
- David E.
Program is easy to navigate and allows for security for multiple devices. Price is competitive and it doesn't bother me with constant messages on products. Offers good technical support. Dashboard is easy to read.
- Neelima J.
Good Product for Internet Protection. Easy to install and has got most decent protection feature set embedded into the product.
- Igor K.
Solid Software Protects my computer very well without any resource hogging.
- Isadora L.
A great Internet security suite for PC users Great parental controls, well-integrated 10 GB online backup "set it and forget it," good antivirus performance, low cost, can use on 5 devices.
- Richard T.
Great all-in-one-security app! Total Defense is an advanced all-in-one Internet security suite. It provides you 360 degree protection, including antivirus, firewall, anti-spam and privacy controls, etc. These technologies work together to make your visits to various social sites much safer. Total Defense has been independently tested by many labs and showed not only good performance but also excellent usability. Total Defense is an ideal Internet security suite for personal and family use. Unlike other security suites, it doesn't slow your computer while protecting against unknown and known malware. In short, it is an excellent one-stop package to cope with all potential risks from the Internet.
- Kayla S.
If you want a nice defense on your brand new computer, then pick this up it's great for the price.
- Stephanie G.
Great Product Easy to install!
- Shoko O.
Very good IMO Does what it's supposed to. Easy to use and install to your computer. Easily customize your scans and dates.
- Dom E.
Great Product Very easy to set up and use didn't slow my laptop down like Norton did
- Jeffrey R.
I really like this antivirus program. It simply does its job. It doesn't slow down my computer at all and it was very easy to install. I used to have McAfee and it slowed down my computer a ton. You can scan files for viruses and it will find viruses even if you don't scan the computer for viruses. So far, I have not gotten any infections on my computer. I recommend this product for anyone looking for a great, simple to use, antivirus program.
- Teresa C.
Fast effective PC tune-up. Fixes problems fast.
- Vincent P.
Can't go wrong with this one, impressive capabilities and easy-to-use.
- Owen M.
The program ran very quickly. It found free space by optimizing my drive. This is an excellent program.
- Ronda M.
Very easy to use and produces excellent results. I depend on it to keep my PC in good shape.
- Artie M.
This is the easiest way I've found to improve the performance of my computer with the touch of a button.
- Darrell G.
Upload was fast. Backup processes were easy to setup.
- Justin W.
Setting a scheduled back was easy. Had no problem doing a restore from the backup.
- Rosa T.
Restoring files was as easy as pie. Online access to files is great. Very Fast backup
- Deirdre R.
Really like the App Lock feature, I feel secure about my personal info.
- Lonny M.
Wow, remotely locate, lock, wipe or send a message to my phone.
- Richard B.
Ease to use. Has zero impact on my battery life.
- Wayne F.
Easy installation, did not slow down the computer and scanning was super fast. Feel better having protection from all the new ransomware and viruses going around.
- Jared D.
I have installed it on my MacBook and it works great. I do not see any speed or performance degradation. I think this product works just as great as any other big name products.
- Matthew R.
Easy set up, then it was hands off. Runs great, keeps you safe, you don't even know it's there.
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