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4.9 ( 37 Reviews )
4.9 ( 14 Reviews )
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Product Reviews
- William M.
Tech support quickly got the mobile app to open up on remoting in and stayed with me as additional questions arose. Glad to be able to use Total Defense in my cell phone now as I would't trust any of the downloadable apps in the Google play store.
- Bruce R.
Great Mobile protection. I was experiencing problems on my phone over the weekend. Thought I had issues but I didn't - thanks to talking to support. They walked me through what I needed to do. Within minutes you guys did a scan. It was good. Thank you for helping me. I will definitely recommend Total Defense to my friends.
- Claudia B.
Support helped me install this product when I called, they were very kind and patient. I got all the information about the security product settings and the anti theft options. Thank you so much for everything.
- Vito T.
Very happy, great mobile security app, keep up the good work. Thanks for your help when I needed it most.
- David E.
Tech support did a great job getting my Android mobile phone secured. Thank you.
- Patricia H.
I had another great experience with Total Defense. Total Defense support team has helped me so much working with my mobile phone he helped me get the security on the phone that I needed. They walked me right through everything step-by-step and made everything very easy for me.
- Marcus M.
Nice interface. The app lock feature is made more secure by using that vey feature to lock all the apps that could be used to uninstall it: settings app, google playstore, app, etc.. That way, no one can simply uninstall it to defeat it.
- Deirdre R.
Really like the App Lock feature, I feel secure about my personal info.
- Lonny M.
Wow, remotely locate, lock, wipe or send a message to my phone.
- Richard B.
Ease to use. Has zero impact on my battery life.
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