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I was very impressed with the customer service - it was very good on the phone with me - gave the information very quickly. I would buy this software again, take care, be safe. Thanks again.
Total Defense has been running on my system for over a year with no issues. I have been able to keep the machine problem free and internet safe.
Love this Product. It is so easy to use and I feel protected. I have already spoken with Tech Support and they are extremely knowledgeable, patient and customer focused. In addition, Tech was very kind, supportive and easy to do business with. Across the board, I give Total Defense Product and wonderful Team a thumbs-up and outstanding rating. I spread the word to my friends...get it, get it, get it.
I contacted tech support today and was immediately connected to a real person! The tech was very polite and helpful. He patiently took the time to work on 2 computers and even called me back. I am very happy with this software (been using for several years) and the awesome customer service!
We purchased Total Defense virus protection a few years ago when we purchase a new laptop for our daughter. We have used it ever since. It's easy to renew online and they now have an option that will send you a reminder email and you can pay directly from your visa/debit card from your checking account if you like. We have over 3 computers/tablets and devices with Total Defense on each of them. This also lets you see when updates/defragmentation and scanning for viruses have been completed in each device. It's reasonable and comparable pricing to other virus protection which makes it worth it. Plus you can add a number of electronic devices for the virus protection as most other ones only provide you with it being on one computer.
Would recommend Total Defense as an outstanding security system. Using Total Defense since 2014, we have had no computer viruses or security problems. Tech support, is excellent in identifying the issues. Clear, understandable and resolved issues quickly, thoroughly and completely.
Support responded to my inquiry immediately. Manner was pleasant and professional. Promptly identified and resolved the issue and I was left a very satisfied customer! Great product, great price and great customer service!
I had the pleasure of being assisted by Dan. He is knowledgeable and I rate his performance a perfect 10 out of 10! He made my experience quick and painless. Taking the time to call me back was going above and beyond the expectation and I am sincerely grateful for his expertise and assistance!
Just paid for a renewal of service and technical support went above and beyond for me. Helped me clean all unwanted files and was super friendly. What an amazing support team. Love it!
I had Total Defense for one year and I love it. Thanks Total Defense Team, and have a great day. A Happy Customer. Good Customer Service.
I have used total defense for a few years now. Just had a glitch in my auto renewal as my debit card number changed but I never updated it. Called customer service because Iam technically unsavvy. I was walked through the process, eventually connecting remotely to complete my renewal. Excellent customer service! I like dealing with this company very much!!
Love these guys!! Great product and phenomenal support.
I have been a member for a few years now. Every time I call the agents are very pleasant and knowledgeable. This time was no different. He was very helpful and solved my problems quickly. I have and will continue to refer my friends to you.
Very pleased with tech support service was great, resolved price issue to my complete satisfaction and also removed me from automatic renewal. Support was very efficient and knowledgeable. They renewed antivirus protection and also answered my questions.
Been using for 6 years and is great! The customer service is top notch as well!!
In this era of online reliance it is important to have a virus software that you trust. TD is such a company - a valuable element of the company is their excellent and readily available tech support team. Recommend this software wholeheartedly!
Highly recommend Total Defense. I am convinced it has kept my PC safe on a daily, on a minute-to-minute watch. Thank You
Great customer service when you have problems, which is very seldom. I have been using this software since the mid 1990s.
Great Internet Security! Something you can count on! Very satisfied!
If you are updating your internet security software, this is the one I've used and highly recommend.
I have used Total Defense for many years. I love knowing my computer is secure. When I call customer service the representatives are polite, well spoken, answer all my questions and really help. I highly recommend Total Defense.
I have had total defense security for several years now. After getting a virus on another program. Have never had any issues with viruses since. Great customer service, by phone, email or Facebook message. We plan on continued service with Total Defense Internet Security! Thank you.
The best money I have ever spent -- best in protection and best in service. When I have a problem I simply pick up the phone, and they can instantly resolve my problem. So far, they have never let me down. Bought thru PC Richard & Son with their tech connect program it's a solid winner, I am very happy. Thank You!
I put this product on different computers and tablets for several years. It's easy to use and understand. Updates consistently to keep up with any new virus and malware. Customer support is always helpful.
I love the feeling of trust I have, knowing that my PC, laptop, tablet, and phone are all "totally defended" from the potential harm that is out there in the cyber world. It is an extremely user-friendly product, and customer support is beyond wonderful. It is easy to communicate straightaway with help when needed, although I must say the product is so good that I've rarely had to seek any assistance!
I like the virus scan, it is fast. The clean up feature I like. The product is excellent. The features are easy to use.
Your Unlimited product was very easy to install and has been working great on my laptop and android tablet.
Lightweight and easy! This works great. It was easy to set up and activate. The best part is my computer hasn't slowed down a bit. Other Internet security products I've had in the past would slow down my computer, but mine's running just the same as ever.
Solid Software Installation was easy. I have been used it for 4+ months and found no issues at all. The product did everything for my computer and is taken very little CPU time. I had used Norton Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection before and both products consumed fair amount of CPU. I am very happy with this product.
Great Security Suite Includes online backup. Includes mobile security. Unlimited devices, so don't have to worry about seats
Total Defense is very easy-to-use. It protects all my devices, including my desktop, laptop and tablet. Protects from basically all online threats like viruses, ransomware, malware & spyware. Can rescue lost files, and repair data corruption. Excellent all-in-one antivirus software.
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