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Support was very efficient and helpful in assisting me and I'm very satisfied with my Total Defense product performance over the years. I look forward to Total Defense\'s security keeping my computer secure in the years to come, thank you.
I called Total Defense today regarding my Virus Protection. I was professionally informed that my software had expired. Associate was amazingly helpful with valuable step by step instructions. Excellent instruction from associate. Truly satisfied. Thank you for your world class assistance.
You made it very easy to download software on computer after replacing the hard drive that failed. Thanks for your help. Also, it was great that the phone was answered so fast. Love how the software works keeping my computers safe.
I don't think about the antivirus software which I think means you have a pretty good product. It’s not intrusive, I have no problems with virus\'s so it must be doing its job.
I was having trouble with installation on a new device. Support was super helpful! I feel so much better knowing that my family\'s computers are protected. Thank you very much, for making it so easy!!
Support advised me how to remove annoying and persistent pop ups that had plagued us for a long time. I thought I could do the download by myself, but when I was was unsure of a step, I replied to the download info. They promptly sent me the solution. So nice to have a US based support person who was both kind and patient. Definitely happy with our many years as a Total Defense customer.
Representative was very helpful and courteous and was very good at walking me thru everything whereas I am not very computer literate. It was a very good experience. I would definitely recommend ...called me back when everything was done.
Very simple and intuitive product - easy to maintain! Wonderful customer service as well. You do not have to be a tech wiz to figure out - you can set it up to auto-update the virus signatures daily - which is what you want. Thanks!
I have been using this program for many years and I'm very happy with it. Any viruses that try to come through get stopped immediately. I had a bit trouble with this year's subscription but Support helped with the process and everything is up and running beautifully.
I have been a customer of Total Defense for many years. I am extremely satisfied with the anti virus product and also the customer support. I have always had outstanding support from the customer care team. Thank you once again.
Excellent customer service - very knowledgeable of the company\'s products and services. We appreciated support being so patient with us. We are not very computer literate. Thank you.
Technical agent worked with me on the install and had it working the first time around. Excellent service and knowledge. I would recommend this agent and software to anyone looking for this type of service. Usually this type of experience does not go smoothy with other companies, but this experience was fantastic.
I was having problem installing the anti virus to my computer and I called the help line and was very satisfied with the help that i received.
I have been using your product for about 20 years and I have been totally satisfied. Support and protection have been great.
I received a notice on my PC saying I had a virus to call Microsoft immediately, thought it was probably was a scam, I wanted to be sure, so I called Total Defense. Support was extremely helpful and walked me thru the process of deleting it and also showed me how to clear browsing data in the future, he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
The support and assistance was perfect. They offer me a remote session, to solve a problem during the installation. The Customer support specialists are very helpful and fast. Thanks for your help.
The Total Defense security has been the best, most secure system we have tried.
I have been using your product for about 20 years and I am completely satisfied. I have also had friends of my mine switch over to Total Defense throughout the years. Excellent product, thank you!
I needed to install the Essential Anti-Virus program onto my Laptop. Customer Support Specialist was very polite and obviously new the product well so the installation was made easy. Thanks.
I use Total Defense on multiple computers for Antivirus and security protection. Very cost-effective and robust. Thanks!
Antivirus program - I had gotten the help I needed and yes, would recommend it to a friend and I thank you. Your person I talked with was quite helpful. I am good for one year and will renew my subscription again when it is time.
I had an old laptop that I wanted to add my protection to. Your rep was extremely helpful. I have had Kaspersky in the past but their service was horrible and the support was non-existent. When I called Total Defense there was no waiting on hold. I will definitely recommend Total Defense to my friends.
Excellent computer security program. Takes great care of my laptop.
Total Defense helped me with my the technical issue and the entire situation was handled very professionally and very efficiently and I recommend them 100%.
Customer service and tech support were awesome. No hours-long holds or switching to 6 different departments. Quick service, solved the problem within 5 minutes! Also LOVE their PCTuneUp.
I have had Total Defense for several years and it has protected my computer and the support team has been great helping me. I would recommend this over any other anti virus protection.
I have been using these products for at least the past 10 years and I have never had a virus on my computer. The anti-virus program does not slow down the system at all. Awesome product and highly recommended.
I have used Total Defense for 10 years and it has worked great. A friend said "why do you pay for anti virus, I get it free" a week later she came back and had a virus. That's why. I have referred it to friends and family and I don't usually do that.
If you want a nice defense on your brand new computer, then pick this up it's great for the price.
I really like this antivirus program. It simply does its job. It doesn't slow down my computer at all and it was very easy to install. I used to have McAfee and it slowed down my computer a ton. You can scan files for viruses and it will find viruses even if you don't scan the computer for viruses. So far, I have not gotten any infections on my computer. I recommend this product for anyone looking for a great, simple to use, antivirus program.
Great Product Very easy to set up and use didn't slow my laptop down like Norton did
Very good IMO Does what it's supposed to. Easy to use and install to your computer. Easily customize your scans and dates.
Great Product Easy to install!
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