Your Wi-Fi’s not so secret weapon: secure your router

Connecting your computer to the internet opens doors… millions of them, in fact It links you to countless devices, some not so friendly. But fear not, tech adventurer You have a powerful shield – your router.

Think of your router as your Wi-Fi castle gate. It controls who and what enters your digital home. But like any castle, it needs proper security to keep unwanted visitors out.

Here’s how to secure your router fortress:

  • Lock it down: Change the default username and password your router comes with. These are often basic and easily guessable, making your network vulnerable. Choose a strong, unique password that only you know.
  • Guest network: Having a separate guest network is like having a visitor entrance. It allows guests to access the internet without giving them full access to your home network and devices.
  • Encryption matters: Use encryption, like WPA2, to scramble the data flowing through your network. This makes it unreadable to anyone snooping around, like a secret code for your Wi-Fi traffic.
  • Update your firmware: Routers, like any device, need software updates to fix vulnerabilities and improve security. Download and install updates from your router manufacturer regularly.

Remember: Securing your router is crucial for protecting your entire Wi-Fi network and the devices connected to it. Don’t leave your digital home unguarded

Bonus tip: Keep your router in a central location for better signal strength and consider turning it off when not in use for added security.