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Your Wi-Fi’s not so secret weapon: secure your router

Connecting your computer to the internet opens doors… millions of them, in fact It links you to countless devices, some not so friendly. But fear not, tech adventurer You have a powerful shield – your router. Think of your router as your Wi-Fi castle gate. It controls who and what enters your digital home. But […]

Your voice, your choice: managing recordings on Google devices

Love your Google Home for playing tunes and answering questions? But wait, are those conversations being recorded? Don’t worry, you’re in control! Let’s dive into managing your voice and audio activity on Google. Remember those “Hey Google” moments? Your smart speaker stores recordings of your questions and commands. It can be handy for revisiting things […]

Gatekeeper of the Wi-Fi: control your network with MAC filtering

Imagine your home Wi-Fi as a cozy castle, but instead of drawbridges and moats, you have…a router? Not quite as dramatic, but the principle is the same! And just like any good castle, you need a gatekeeper to control who enters. That’s where MAC address filtering comes in, your digital knight of the network. Here’s […]

Home network hero: divide and conquer with network segmentation

Want to level up your home network security? Take inspiration from medieval castles and build virtual walls with network segmentation! It’s like creating separate kingdoms for your smart devices, computers, and even guest Wi-Fi, keeping bad guys locked out from one if they sneak into another. Imagine this: your smart fridge gets hacked (it happens!). […]

Protect your IoT devices

Internet of Things (IoT) devices require meticulous hardening to mitigate potential security risks. Begin by changing default passwords to strong, unique ones — reducing susceptibility to brute-force attacks. Regularly update device firmware to patch vulnerabilities and address security weaknesses. Additionally, consider segmenting IoT devices onto a separate network, isolating them from your primary network. This […]

Protect your IoT devices by adjusting their default passwords regularly and updating their firmware

To best secure your IoT devices, consider the following: change default passwords, update firmware regularly and isolate them on a separate network. Furthermore, disable unnecessary features, audit device access and, as always, use strong WiFi passwords. And to take extra precautions, here are steps that you can take: Set up intrusion detection systems (IDS) that […]